Friday, September 30, 2016

Happy Friday

Last night I received an early birthday present from my husband and Emily! It is the sweetest thing!!! When Emily was born I wanted a "push present" of a band with her birthstone on it. I was going to get one that was for the month of August but I'm glad I didn't because she was born in July! Eric knew I went to the local jewelry shop and found something but since I just started maternity leave money was tight. I was fine with just having my little girl as a push present because she's the best! Last night Eric brought her to me to nurse and I looked down and she was holding this band!!! Ahhhh it was the cutest thing ever! Eric said he could it a week after I told him about it (which was like 2 months ago!). He said he has had it in his truck and been dying to give it to me! Happy early birthday to me! :)
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thursday Confessions

I wake up each morning and tell Emily it's a good day to have a good day! I think it helps to start the day off with a positive mindset vs a negative one.

//I've decided not to care as much about what people think of my family and I. I post things on FB and IG of my daughter and she isn't wearing a bow with an adorable matching outfit, or in the background the nursery looks a hot mess. Even in the clothes I wear....I now have the mentality that I loved it when I bought it so wear it! Who cares if a little fat roll is showing, or it's too loose or too tight. If I feel good in it that should be all that matters. If my daughter is comfortable and happy that's all that matters! I feel like I enjoy life wayyy more now that I'm more concerned with comfort and happiness rather then how others perceive me. If you would have told me I would have this mentality after having a child I would have thought you were crazy!

//I watched a few things on Netflix last night that really opened my eyes to a few things that slip all of our minds. Audrie & Daisy really opened my eyes now that I have a daughter! When I was in high school you knew it was happening to other people in the world but you never thought it could happen to you. We all thought we were invisible but that documentary shows that it is happening and it needs to stop! I also watched Extremis which opened my eyes to the idea of end of life care. It's better to decide for yourself how you want to me taken care of rather then put that burden on your family. Our financial advisor suggested 5 Wishes for Eric and I to fill out in the event something should happen to either of us. It's actually a really great idea that you can make the decision for yourself ahead of time so that when that time does come it's not upon your family to make that heavy decision.

//I'm excited for my birthday festivities this weekend! It's going to be filled with family and friends and shopping! :)

//New favorite song is Chicken Nuggets by Nick can't be sad when you listen to this song! It literally makes me laugh and dance every time! There's also a song about Peanut Butter Jelly Time that makes me pretty happy! I guess I like songs about food! :)

//I'm trying this Potato Soup recipe tonight and I'm excited! I'm not the greatest cook but I'm willing to try!

Well that's really all that's happening at the moment. I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

Good Morning!

This weekend brought us beautiful fall weather, time with friends up north and relaxing projects around the house.

I wore this cute new dress to work! I thought I was looking professional and fly! Then I sat down and I instantly became a little slutty. I've only wore this dress standing and little did I know that it did this when I sit it in! Oops!
Eric's been dying to go up north and visit some of our friends and a lake we go camping at. I was hesitant to take the baby but we did it. It was a beautiful fall day and we had a good time.

 We recently put a door up on the side of our house going out to the backyard. It needed a light out there so in the mornings we can see what Moose is up to in the back yard. This is the finished product! Now all we need to do is pour the concrete and make some steps off the door and we will have a patio....just in time for winter! :/ #badtiming #shouldhavedonethissooner

We lounged around the rest of the day as you can see!

This is my last week being 28.....28 is cute....29 is pushing 30! I embrace each year and LOOOOVE to celebrate my birthday! This year I'll get to celebrate it with my daughter which will be amazing!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Catch Up

Where to start......

1// Baby girl had her 2 month check up Wednesday and is doing great! She is a whooping 12lb 5oz!!! Which seems massive because she was 6lb 3oz when she was born, so in 2 short months she has doubled her birth weight! She got 3 shots which were super hard to watch! She did a great job though and slept most of the day after that!

2//We are getting some electrical work done today that I am super excited about! Eric is super handy with a lot of things but electrical is not one of them. So we are finally going to figure out what half of the light switch's in our house go to! We're also getting some lights put in outside the house! I feel like our house was pitch black at night before we bought it. We added lights by the garage and now I want to add lights by the front door (which is on the opposite side of the house). We rarely use our front door but I still want their to be lights near it!

3//We are also making a patio. Eric has already added the door to the backyard and we plan to pour concrete for the patio area but I'm excited to finally have a smooth and level outside area to entertain!

4//Today is the end of the 2nd week back to work. I was worried about being super tired and not being able to function. Luckily I've been doing ok. 10AM and 3PM are a little hard but I push through. I woke up at 5:30 and pump then shower. If she wakes up before 6:30 I'll nurse her but if she wakes after I'll make her a bottle of breast milk. Nursing takes about 30-45 minutes from start to finish with burping so if I start at 630 I will feel rushed trying to get ready.

5// I have officially pulled out the humidifiers and hope to add some moisture into our super dry house!

6// I finally watched a show last night live as it was TV! Anything on Bravo is repeated so often that I can usually piece the epsidoe together but any other network that only plays it once I have to watch it on the App or On Demand.I haven't been able to watch a full episode of anything without pausing or just walking away for some reason or another. Last night I watched Grey's Anatomy from start to finish and it was awesome! I still held baby girl and tried to keep her occupied but then Eric stepped up and helped!  It was awesome!!

7//Baby girl is starting to smile when we talk to her! It's so amazing to bring a smile to your child's face!

8//I got this comforter for our bed. It's soooo soft and comfy! I'm in love!

9//I am so excited to take baby girl to pick out her first pumpkin!!! I love the fall and I can't wait to share my love with her!
10//I am always excited for the weekend! It means family time! At night we're busy making dinner, doing chores and other stuff around the house but the weekend we can actually sit back and relax with each other!

OK I've bored you all enough. Have a wonderful weekend! :) Maybe I'll have some pics to share with you next week!

Friday, September 16, 2016

I'm Back!!!

Hello!!! I'm back!

I doubt the blogging world even noticed that I left because I'm not sure anyone reads my silly little blog. However I'm glad to be back after a long hiatus! I can't promise that I'll be posting every day or even every other day but I'm going to do my best!

I'm off maternity leave and back in the office. Sad but also a bit exciting! I love being a mom, but being a stay at home mom is not for me. Maybe someday in the future but not right now. ** Mad props to all the stay at home moms though!** It's hard work being at home with a little one all day. I used to think it would be a breeze to stay home in your pj's and watch TV and do whatever you want whenever you want, but with a little one you're on their schedule. Also you can't take a break or turn it off because you're at home cleaning and being a mommy. When you go to work there is a clear separation between the two. When I was at home for the two months, my mind was 100% wrapped around the baby and the house and nothing else. That can definitely drive a person crazy. We are super blessed to have found a wonderful girl to stay at our house with Emily! Not having to pack her up and take her to a day care is the best thing in the whole world!

Emily is doing really well! She's sleeping a little bit longer through the night now. Maybe 4-5 hour spans which I will happily take considering in the beginning she hated the nights. She would be up most of the night and didn't want to do anything but cry. The only time she wasn't crying was when she was eating and I'm sorry but you can't sit on my boob alllllll night long! Momma needs to sleep! Oh and that "advice" about sleeping when the baby sleeps is CRAP! I will never tell anyone that ever again and those that share that advice with me I will laugh in their face! When the baby is sleeping, mommy needs to eat, shower, go to the bathroom, do laundry, do the dishes, clean the house, take care of the dog, go to the grocery store and the list goes on and on and on!!! Soooo please stop telling new moms to sleep when the baby sleeps....that's not a thing!

We just put a new door to the side of our house leading out to the backyard. We are planning to make a nice little patio out there. The only thing that I have an issue with are the bugs and mosquito's. For some reason they love me and they never touch Eric. I will freak out if Emily get's a mosquito bite. Maybe next year she'll get to enjoy the patio. I need to fog it or figure out a better solution to keep them away. I would love to have a screened in porch but that's not in the budget at this time.

Everyday I still think about how crazy it is that I pushed a baby out of my who-ha! You think that you'll do it someday, then the next thing you know you're being induced and pushing out a 6lb-er!

I didn't think it was possible but I have fallen more in love with Eric since Emily was more. Seeing him be a great dad just fills my heart with so much joy! He loves that little girl so much and he is sooo helpful with her! I think Moose is starting to love her more too. He has started to laydown next to her when she's in the rocker. It's like he's always got and eye on her, which is sooo sweet!

Life in Southwest Michigan is good! The weather is awesome!! Cooler at night and warmer during the day. I love being able to open the windows for a cool breeze! Yes I'm excitd for fall activities, apple picking(already have a weekend planned for the family to come check this one off the list!), making apple pies(will probably be checking this off the list the same weekend), picking out the perfect pumpkin, decorating the house in fall and Halloween (this is half done), finding mums for the front steps, and watching Casper, Hocus Pocus and some scary movie that I'll probably have nightmares about for a week or two! I'm also excited for Emily's first Halloween. We're either going to be pee keepers and she'll be a bee or we'll be fisherman and she'll be our little catch of the day! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays I can't wait to share my love for it with my daughter!

That's all for not but I'll hopefully be posting more about what's happening in my life, becoming a new mom and figuring that out! Have a great weekend!