Wednesday, May 11, 2016

27 Weeks 5 Days

Today I am 27 weeks 5 Days along. Friday will be the start of my third trimester and I'm starting to get anxious and excited.
  • Last week I had my glucose test which came back negative or normal so I don't have gestational diabetes which is great.
  • I'm up 6 lbs from my last appointment so I'm afraid that's going to start being the normal. I've been keeping pretty steady with my weight but now I think we're about to skyrocket up! :(
  • I still don't have any major cravings yet.
  • Baby girl is definitely in there doing somersaults. The movements are not as often as before and the kicks and jabs are starting to settle. But from what I've been reading I'll need to start counting her movements and the jabs and kicks will start getting more intense as she grows.
  • My next appointment I have to get the Rhogam shot. I'm a little nervous but I knew I was going to have to get it since my mom and sister both did.
  • I have gone in spurts of eating a lot and eating a little. In my first trimester I felt like I ate a lot of small meals or snacks because my stomach couldn't hold that much food at one time. In my second trimester I have been able to go longer periods without a snack.....I wouldn't turn down a snack but I didn't need it as badly. Going into the third I find myself snacking a bit more so that I can feel her in there.
  •  Eric said to me the other day...."You look pregnant".....we had a long conversation after that ahah. He meant it in a way of 'you look like you are starting to get uncomfortable' and I'm really not that uncomfortable other then when I have to bend over. I've officially given up on wearing a bra in the house unless we have guests over.
  • Finding outfits to wear to work is starting to become a challenge. I've always worn flowy tops so that has helped me stay in my normal clothes but now those flowy tops have lost their flow and have started to cling to my stomach.
  • The body pillow I got for mothers day is both good and bad. It's extremely comfortable when I am trying to go to sleep, however I wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom or toss and turn and its hard to get back into or adjust to the other side. I'm literally in a little cocoon and its hard to move once your in the cocoon! If you are a dead sleeper, meaning you don't move until the next morning when you wake up, then this thing would be great for you!

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