Tuesday, April 12, 2016

We're More Than Halfway!

Today I am 23 Weeks 4 days along. I still need to take my 23 week picture but its not much different from the 22 week. I clearly need to work on my posture based on these photos!
How Far Along: 23 weeks and 4 days - 6 months along. Last month of my second trimester.
Size of Baby: She's definitely bigger than a pound now. She was 15 ounces at our last appointment which was two weeks ago. It may not look like it but I've only gained 3lbs so far during my pregnancy.
Gender: ITS A GIRL! I'm still in shock that it's a girl! But I love talking to her and calling her baby girl!
Movement: Yes she moving around all over the place in there! I have felt her for a while but Eric has just started to be able to feel her and I almost cry every time he does. At first he couldn't feel her at all and I couldn't understand why, I was feeling this powerful kick and he couldn't feel anything! Then he was second guessing what he was feeling. He thought it was me kicking him. Now he can feel her big girl soccer kicks just like her momma! :) I can see her movement on the outside but nothing like a arm or a leg, just little kicks every now and then.
Sleep: From 6 weeks to about 12 weeks I was a heavy sleeper and I'm usually a really light sleeper. From 12 weeks until 20 weeks I was a light sleeper. And now I'm back to being a heavy sleeper. Last night I feel asleep sitting up with my glasses on...oops!
Symptoms: I have not been sick at all this pregnancy. I threw up once but it was because I took my prenatal vitamin on an empty stomach. I've had one faint/dizzy spell where I lost my balance for a moment but I've been fine every since. Other than that just a little tired.
Cravings/Aversions: In the beginning I ate apples and clementine's like crazy. The smell of lemon Lysol wipes did not agree with me in the beginning but now I'm ok with them. Now I'm on a Propel water kick! I love the Strawberry Kiwi, Black Cherry, Lemon and Berry ones!
Missing Most: With summer approaching I'm dreaming of a sip of Bud Light.
Nursery: I have a few ideas but nothing set in stone. I'm thinking of doing a somber color scheme from beach colors. NOT BEACH DECOR! NO SEASHELLS!!! Just the relaxing colors you see at the beach, the sand, the beach glass turquoises and blues and maybe a hint of beach grass green. This could totally change in the next few months but for now it sounds peaceful.

Eric: Is doing great! He's been helping me out around the house since my ability to bend is limited now a days. I think he's excited for the baby. He definitely likes picking out the new baby stuff when we were registering. He really loves our stroller. He can't wait to push her around in it! He has been working like crazy around the house to get all of our little projects finished so he can relax this summer before she arrives. He's a little nervous about the hospital part. He gets really nervous and anxious around hospitals or anything medical. Even just talking about it can make him nervous. Sooo we are still trying to work through that!

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