Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thoughts for Thursday: My Confessions

I'm link up with Annie and Natalie to share some of my thoughts/confessions today.
  • I found these adorable sconces for our baby girl's nursery this week at a local antique shop in town! I guess you could say I going for a country shabby chic look. Eric said he could get them working and we'll get little white lamp shades for the top and they could be little night lights!
  • I also found a few other goodies at the antique shop that I couldn't leave behind! The basket will sit on the dresser and I'll fill it with diapers, wipes and lotions. The gold clutch was $10 and I'm a big sucker for vintage almost 'one of a kind' pieces.
  • This week we finalized our baby girls name and Eric wants to shout it from the rooftops! I want to hang on to it a little bit longer before we make it 100% official. I have been writing it down everywhere, saying it out loud millions of times and I already have a few nicknames for her! 
  •  I can't wait for summer to get here. I'm over the warm, then cold, then rain, then warm, then cold weather. Also I'm ready for baby shower season!
  • I am obsessed with these L'O'real Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Towelettes. They give a great sun-kissed glow overnight. Unfortunately when you are applying the wipes you can't see the spots you've missed until the next day. I did my legs the first day and had a few spots that I had missed. I had my husband do my back, arms and neck the next day and he didn't miss a thing. Apparently he's a professional!
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  • Today is my Friday WHOOP WHOOOPP!
  • I apologize if I offend anyone when I say this but I'm super over talking about Beyoncé's new song Lemonade. I understand she basically admitted that Jay-Z cheated on her and had times of regret but 1.) They are obviously still together 2.) It's probably a publicity stunt because she's going on tour 3.) The song in my opinion is not even a song. I apologize to all of you our there who praise her and love her......but this one was a big dud to me and I don't know why everyone is making a big deal out of it!
  • I heard they are trying to pass a law today in Michigan that would make High School kids learn CRP before they graduate and I think that's awesome! I think it's a lifesaving tool that everyone should know. A girl who went to my HS went into cardiac arrest at a swim meet and ended up dying from the episode so now they have defibrillators at the HS. I was a lifeguard at a private pool in HS so I haven't been recertified but having a baby makes me want to get my husband, our nanny and my in-laws certified so that if anything should happen we can be prepared.
  • At night baby girl likes to practice her soccer kicks on my lower stomach. I have noticed that every time I tell Eric to come feel the baby she usually stops kicking after knowing he's there. So I used this to my advantage last night and had Eric try to feel her so she would stop kicking me so hard! haha After a while she realized what I was trying to do and knew when Eric was trying to feel her vs. me so she only kicked when I was holding her....what a smarty pants!
Have a good weekend!

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