Thursday, April 14, 2016


I confess…..
….My wardrobe is becoming more and more limited. Trying to pretend it doesn't look 6 sizes too small for my growing bump is no longer an option.
….I’ve always been a side sleeper and now I feel like I always wake up on my back which is apparently not good for the baby….i need to work on this….putting pillows wedged behind me does nothing to help.
…I made a mean half regular half BBQ chicken homemade pizza last night!
…one of my good friends at work is leaving tomorrow and I seriously don't know what I’m going to do without her here….we say we’ll keep in touch but will we.....
….im sick and tired of hearing all the bad stuff going on around the world. Now I try to watch Quint's by Surprise on TLC instead of the news in the morning.
….this short hair needs to start growing. I cut it three weeks ago and I swear it hasn't grown an inch. Usually I’m calling her to set up another appointment by now because the style needs to be trimmed so often….this is proof that she cut it WAY to short this time!
….when I was a kid there was a slot time on TV called Prime Time, it was 8pm….now I feel like the new Prime Time is 10PM. I either need to start watching different shows or these shows need to realize that they need to pump their time slots up to 8PM for me to watch it live. Watching them later on demand or catching a re-run just isn’t the same!
I'm linking up with Jess for some confessions this week!


  1. BBQ pizza sounds amazing! I keep telling myself I need to do more homemade pizzas but I always end up ordering them :)

    1. I used to think homemade pizza sounds terrible, nothing would taste as amazing as ordering it. But the recipe I use is sooo simple! I use a premade crust all you have to do is add water and spread it out into the crust, then add toppings! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I gave up on news and current events too. I'd rather watch Netflix. =)