Thursday, February 25, 2016


We just got about 10 Inches of snow in the last 24 hours. While I love the look of fresh snow fall, I don't love that it took me 5 minutes to get out of my driveway this morning. We need to get a snow blower!

The OJ Simpson trail series is starting to bore me. I thought we would get way more information packed into each hour, but I just feel like its going really slow.

I tried some of my friends perfume this weekend and I really liked it. It’s Classis by Banana Republic. I might just have to stop in there this weekend and pick some up!

I would love to be planning a tropical vacation right now. Anywhere warm with a beach. Sometimes I’ll put lotion on that has SPF in it just so I can smell like the beach all day.

I never thought having a one bathroom house would be difficult until my husband gutted the 2nd bathroom/laundry room. I truly miss the 2nd bath!

I have a few annoying people around me at work. I’m sorry but if you blow your nose like an elephant you should be stuffed in a sound proof closet! I have a ton of pet peeves at work and most of them include germs.

I love watching ‘Quints by Surprise’ and ‘Parking Wars’ every morning.  The Jones’ and their little family are the cutest! Then I flip to people getting angry at getting a ticket or being booted/towed because they parked illegally!

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Thursday, February 18, 2016


OMG PLL. I’m in a state of limbo right now with PLL. I feel like we started off strong. Charlotte got out of the mental hospital BAM! Charlotte was murdered BAM! We think that Ezra, Mr. Montgomery or Aria killed her BAM! Now there is another person taunting the girls and we have NO leads other than crazy Sara Harvey who made a hole in her closet to sneak out of Radley. PS am I the only one who thinks it’s messed up they made a hotel out of a mental hospital where all this madness went down? Although during the super slow episode they revealed the murder weapon was not a golf club but I’m not convinced that small rod thing could kill someone. Also we still have to mysterious new restaurants that people were making phone calls from and talking to truckers named Earl the night Charlotte was killed so we are getting more clues. As of right now I’m super over the Caleb and Spender love fest, I wish Hanna would open her eyes to that Hunky Jordan and realize what she’s got instead of going back to Rosewood all the time, Aria and Ezra just need to get married and she needs to blow off her little writer friend, and Emily get a job or hello STUDENT LOANS?! I’m shocked ABC Family or Freeform is putting the idea that selling you eggs is a better idea than debt!

Currently snacking on Cheddar Chex Mix. I’m a big fan of the traditional kind as well but I thought I would change it up this weekend with the cheddar and I am super glad I did. I have a mini snack drawer at work that I keep stocked with goodies and I like to keep a variety because I hate eating the same snack every day.

Work for my husband and I has been a bit stressful lately and it’s for the same reason, communication.  It’s hard to trust that a conversation you have with one person isn’t going to be told to another. All I can do is pray the each situation that is brought upon us we handle professionally and kindly, even though we may want to scream at times! J

The Grammy’s weren’t that awesome this year. The top person they had to talk about was Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez who didn't look all that awesome in my opinion. I thought all the performances went well but nothing too crazy happened.

Monday I decided to take the time to go get a pedicure! I haven’t had one in a while so I was excited that I finally had the time!
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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Currently Confessional Thursday

Things I've currently obsessed with right now.

People V OJ Simpson. Right now I’m all about People V OJ Simpson and I wish it was a Netflix series that I could binge instead of having to wait a week to watch each episode. The casting is awesome and the story is a part of history. I was 6 when the murders happened and 7 when the trail started so I didn't know what was going on but I know my parents watched the whole thing on TV. I still can’t believe he got away with it.
Apple Music. I’m still figuring it out but I love that you can create playlists with all the music and not pay for them individually. When I switched from a 4 to my 6 I lost the music that I had and I know that I could have re-uploaded it but the laptop that I used to use is old and takes forever and not worth my time to upload. I’ve been using YouTube or apple radio on WI-FI which seemed to be working great however when a song was over you either didn't know the next song and you had to keep hitting skip or you had to stop what you were doing and search for a new song. 1st world problems I know but with Apple Music I like that you can just make a playlist with all the songs you like and play them! However I’m still on my 3 month free trial and I might have trouble validating the $10 or $12 a month on music.  I rarely buy music now so it’ll be hard to wrap my mind around the price if I continue past the trial.
Pic Monkey. I love that it makes editing a photo so easy. I can make my teeth whiter, add blush to my cheeks if I’m looking a little pale or I can add an awesome I can play with the exposure of the light in the picture to make it look more professional.
Two Dots. It’s a game that I love playing. I have no way of describing it other than awesome! Try it, it’s free and you'll love it too!

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