Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday YAY!

Good Morning!!! I hope you had a pleasant week! I feel like this week went by pretty slow but I'm sure this weekend will sadly fly by. This week my husband accomplished a lot! He put a light/fan in the bathroom/laundry room so I no longer have to use a construction light that I have to plug in in the kitchen! He had the new countertops installed. I must say they get more fabulous every day. Eric put up some of the backsplash last night and it is the cherry on top of the kitchen sundae! I feel like the finishing touches are so close to being done that I can almost see the finish line of all of our projects inside the house!




  1. The kitchen looks great - love that you've gotten so much done!

  2. Kitchen looks great! I love bricks that you have used for decoration. White color is nice as well!