Monday, November 9, 2015

Weekend Review

Good Morning! I had a fabulous weekend!
Friday. Moose and I anxiously awaited Eric’s arrival. He had been gone for a week in Wyoming to hunt with a group of guys and we missed him. He got home at 2AM so it was a long night.
Moose could hardly stand the excitement of his Dad coming home so he decided to take a little nap on his pillow!
Of course we had to hear all about the trip. He got a buck so he was extremely excited! He hasn’t shot a deer since we have been married…3 years! We had tons of meat and against my wishes we have a European deer head mount. We already have 2 of his past deer’s mounted and someone else just gave us another one…I didn't need a 4th! I told him to bring the antlers home but he decided he wanted the skull with it…I’m not a fan and it will not be in my house….that’s a basement/man cave item only! But I’m excited he is home!
Saturday. I hit up some stores and did some major damage! I got a few more presents so I only have 2 more of my 21 people to buy for! I also bought a few outdoor Christmas decorations. I’m looking to put wreathes on all of my windows with bows similar to whoever's house this is!
We are hosting an ugly Christmas sweater party so I’m going big with my decorations this year. Not one thing will be left in the tub! Last year I purchased a large wreathe for our fireplace but I thought it needed more. The big wreathe took up the whole back seat of my car!
After I went shopping I came home and did chores. Eric had a ton of laundry and a ton of organizing after his trip. After that we were home bodies and relaxed the rest of the day.
Yes they are matching! Eric's pants and Moose's collar! And yes they fall asleep like this!
Sunday. We had Thanksgiving at Eric's Grandparent’s house. They leave for Florida soon so we have Thanksgiving early since it’s always at their house. This year his Grandma taught us how to make her famous pie crust. She makes any kind of pie you want! She had pecan, banana crème, chocolate and pumpkin on Sunday. She also makes a mean apple pie! She makes everything from scratch and everything always tastes sooooo good! We have a recipe book with all of her recipes in it but there’s nothing like watching the way she does things to get them just right!  Three of my niece and nephews birthdays are within a month of each other so we decided to give them their presents at Thanksgiving. I have decided that it’s not about how much you spend on them but if it’s something you know they will like. The kids played with my gifts all afternoon and it filled my heart with joy….it also reaffirmed that I’m an awesome Aunt! J
Also a little while ago I made a quilt for my niece/goddaughter but I never got the chance to write something to put in it. I sewed it on this weekend and I think it looks perfect!
When we got home I saw a rose bloomed on one of our rose bushes in NOVEMBER! I picked it and put it in some water. This Michigan weather is crazy!
We had an awesome family filled weekend and I can’t wait for the holidays. I’m sad that we don’t get to spend as much time with our families as we should because we are so far away from each other, but we have an amazing time when we are together!
P.S. Since we’ve already had a thanksgiving I feel it's ok to start decorating for Christmas. Also we are hosting a party in December so I need to get everything out and up so I know if I need to go out and get anything else. J
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  1. Yay for your hubby coming home! Isn't it crazy how warm the weather has been lately? I'm trying to enjoy as much as possible before winter is in full swing!

  2. Thats awesome you are so far ahead on your hsopping! I have two people done hah!