Friday, September 18, 2015

Week Overview

Today I wanted to do a week wrap up because I have been terribly busy and have had no time to post.
Monday. Was laundry night. We had been gone all weekend so I desperately needed to clean the house and get the laundry going.
Tuesday. We went to a local fair with a few of our friends. We had a blast! There was a rodeo which none of us except Eric have ever been to. I was ok when the horses were bucked the guys, but then they started wrestling the cows to the ground and tying them up and then I was over it! We were also extremely over dressed. We were the only ones not in jeans, cowboy boots and cowboy hats!
A man was wearing this shirt ( I'm super zoomed in that's why its so blurry)
Then we ate some Carni Food! :) YUM!
The boys played a few games!

Then we headed home!
Wednesday. Was a lazy evening. I cleaned a bit then did some serious Pinterest-ing. I called my mom to catch up with her for a while then headed off to bed.
Thursday. We went to a funeral all day. My sister in law’s dad passed away. It’s nice to get the family all together like that but sad under those circumstances. We all knew her dad, Eric’s been hunting and fishing with him many times. He was a great guy! RIP Mark.
Friday. I have plans to be a homebody with a girlfriend of mine. We are going to watch some movies and pop some popcorn on the couch!! J I play Eric in our fantasy football league this weekend so wish me luck that I CRUSH him! J
This weekend Eric will be working on our basement. Hopefully after this weekend we will no longer have a wet basement! Hope you all have an amazing weekend.

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  1. Wet basements are the worst! Be careful with that Dry-Lock!