Friday, September 25, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up

Happy Friday Everyone! Terribly sorry for the lack in posts but better late than never!
Monday. I made my spaghetti bake which I love! I thought that this one looked a little like a wrapped up mummy! A great treat for fall/Halloween!
Tuesday. Eric and I went out to eat at a local restaurant. It's one of the last few places that have outside seating that's still open.  When you sit outside sometimes the outdoors makes its way in. We found this little guy waddling in to check the place out.
Wednesday and Thursday. I have been working on some shoes for my sister and her daughter to wear when they go on their trip to Disney World.  I have been painting them for the past two nights and I think they are finally finished!
Mommy's Shoes
 Daughter's shoes
Mommy Daughter matching shoes!
Also last night I ran out to run some errands I sent this cute sign to Eric!
Friday. It’s going to be a relaxing Friday in anticipation for a busy Saturday.
Saturday.  We are headed to our friends house to continue installing their cabinets. Hopefully after this weekend her dream kitchen will almost be finished! I plan to shop while Eric works so hopefully I’ll have some amazing finds to share with you on Monday.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! See you Monday!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekend Recap

Good Monday Morning Everyone! My weekend can be summed up in one world, PAINTING! I painted our full bath this weekend and it took FOREVER! I never realized how much cutting in was needed and it was a lot!

Friday. I had a girlfriend over to watch Pitch Perfect 2! It was just as funny the second time around as it was the first. Yes there are a few parts that are annoying…the ending when they are singing the song about a flashlight and they said flashlight like 48 times in a row!!!....(possible drinking game opportunity there) but I love the Bella’s so it was worth it! We popped some popcorn and burned the hell out of the first bag. I usually cook popcorn for 2 minutes and 48 seconds the top of the bag was fine but the bottom was 2 seconds away from catching on fire. Jen suggested to hit the popcorn button and it was 1 minute and 20 seconds! Ahahah I have been doubling my popcorn cook time all this time…..none of my other bags ever burned so maybe my microwave is more powerful then others! Yikes!
Saturday. I got up early and ran to Holland. I returned some stuff and I got some stuff. I got new fall garland for my entertainment center, shoes to paint for my niece for their Disney trip (I’ll post those when I’m done with them), a new top and the cutest new fall plaid shoes! J
I found some old fall candles I had stashed away so I started burning them all around the house (the two on the mantle near the wreaths are fake candles, no fire hazard there!)  
Eric and our friend Adam worked on our basement all day. We have to put a drain tile in because apparently the previous owners who built the house in 1961 never did that. So our basement, when it rains, has a little river through it. They cut out a huge chunk of the floor along the wall and Eric bought a 2nd sump pump to start draining the water out faster. It’s actually working so maybe there is still hope for our finished basement….hahahah im not holding my  breath on that one though. This was all while I was putting the first coat on our bathroom. It was a light green color but I never really loved it. I picked it because it semi matched one of the tiles in our shower. I bought a sample color and it was too light, I wanted something that popped more. The darker gray is the color we picked....Benjamin Moore AD-705 Cinder.
We took Adam and Christine out to dinner that night as a thank you for Adam’s help with the basement. We got some pizza and bowled a few games. Bowling is one of the last great activities that isn't being taken over by technology or made super high tech, its the same as it was 30, 40 or 50 years ago!
Sunday. We slept in, made biscuits and gravy and started on house work. Eric messed with the basement some more, I did laundry, cleaned the floors, painted the bathroom again and cleaned up my mess from painting.
Above: The bathroom when we bought the house.
Below: The bathroom now :) I bought the paint to match the curtain and now I want to change the curtain.

I had to run to Meijer to get a few things which makes my 3rd trip this week! I ended up getting some super comfy sweater/hoodie things. I went through my hoodies/sweaters the other day and they were all fitted and I want something that is more baggy and comfy. They look like backwards hoodies, like the hood is in the front. It was buy one get one half off so I got two. J We had steak, potato's, green beans and bread for dinner and it was delicious. I’m not a big steak person but Eric does amazing things with the spices and sauces that he makes for the marinades. We finished the night off with some chocolate cookie baking and the Emmy’s.

Happy Monday!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Week Overview

Today I wanted to do a week wrap up because I have been terribly busy and have had no time to post.
Monday. Was laundry night. We had been gone all weekend so I desperately needed to clean the house and get the laundry going.
Tuesday. We went to a local fair with a few of our friends. We had a blast! There was a rodeo which none of us except Eric have ever been to. I was ok when the horses were bucked the guys, but then they started wrestling the cows to the ground and tying them up and then I was over it! We were also extremely over dressed. We were the only ones not in jeans, cowboy boots and cowboy hats!
A man was wearing this shirt ( I'm super zoomed in that's why its so blurry)
Then we ate some Carni Food! :) YUM!
The boys played a few games!

Then we headed home!
Wednesday. Was a lazy evening. I cleaned a bit then did some serious Pinterest-ing. I called my mom to catch up with her for a while then headed off to bed.
Thursday. We went to a funeral all day. My sister in law’s dad passed away. It’s nice to get the family all together like that but sad under those circumstances. We all knew her dad, Eric’s been hunting and fishing with him many times. He was a great guy! RIP Mark.
Friday. I have plans to be a homebody with a girlfriend of mine. We are going to watch some movies and pop some popcorn on the couch!! J I play Eric in our fantasy football league this weekend so wish me luck that I CRUSH him! J
This weekend Eric will be working on our basement. Hopefully after this weekend we will no longer have a wet basement! Hope you all have an amazing weekend.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesday - Who's Coming To Dinner

 Today, I am linking up with Andrea over at Momfessionals for Show and Tell Tuesdays!  
Show and Tell - IG Graphic (2)
Andrea has the best list of prompted blogging topics!  Today, we were talking about the 5 people we’d invite to dinner!
Show and Tell - Big List (1)
1.)    Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake- This duo makes me laugh individually and together. Their chemistry and how they work off of each other is amazing. I could talk to them for hours about SNL, N*Sync, Justin's former and present loves, their kids, and of course have them sing History of Rap part 8!

2.)    Ellen DeGeneres – Ellen gives out a positive message and encourages other to do the same. She makes you laugh, she lifts you up and she makes the world a better place. I would love to ask her how she keeps so positive in a world full of negativity. Her message about equality should be embraced by all.
3.)    Carrie Bradshaw – I own every minute of Carrie Bradshaw’s life story. I think she gives a positive message when she shows her powerful independence while also believing in true love. Yes at times her love stories are complicated and messy but she is coming from a place of love and perseverance. Her fashion can also be a hit or miss situation but her encouraging words and love chronicles are worth the fashion faux pas.
4.)    Zac Efron – My friends and family know that I’ve had the hot’s for him since I was 18 when I saw him in the first High School Musical. Looking back at that movie now he was not that great looking but I still thought the world of him. Now he has grown to prove everyone wrong because he is EXTREMELY good looking. Eric knows that if I ever get the chance to meet him…all bets are off! Hahaha I think he has grown to be an intelligent and exciting young man. We are only 2 weeks apart by birth so I still believe we've got a shot together! J
5.)    Viola Mehall  – My Grandmother died suddenly when my Mom was 16. She was so elegant in all her pictures and the stories my Mom tells me about her. They make my mind race with excitement thinking about how wonderful she was.  Since I’ve never met her I have to go off what my mom and family tell me about her. She met my grandfather while they were both working at the Chrysler plant in Detroit. She was a homemaker, mother of 7, wife and an extremely loving person. I would love to be able to sit at a table with her and talk to her about her life, what she thinks her accomplishments are and what her failures are. I would ask her how she fell in love with my grandfather. I would ask her about her wedding day and why they choose to get married at the court house on their lunch break. I would also want to right down some of her recipes because I hear they were pretty good! I would ask how she found the will to bring up 7 children, 4 boys first then 3 girls...I can tell you that having 4 boys then to keep going was definitely one of her strengths!

I decided to choose 5 people I have never met. I already ask the people I know and love all the questions I want to know the answers to. Plus I get to make dinner plans with them whenever I want! These 5 people and I could keep the conversation going for hours! :)

Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend Recap : Kenley's Baptism

Good Morning! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! We spent the weekend at our friends house. They bought new doors and drawers for their kitchen and Eric is helping them paint and install them. He painted the doors and drawers a few weeks ago now he had to paint the base.
Friday we got there around 8 and Eric started right away. I picked up some movies for Chels and I to watch while the boys worked…it's a smaller kitchen so if we even tried to help it would have been crowded. So we watched Unfinished Business with Vince Vaughn and Dave Franco. It was really funny and extremely inappropriate at times but all in all a good movie. Probably not one I’ll rent again.
Saturday we were able to sleep in for a little while. We had breakfast and the boys started working again. Chels and I took the dogs for a walk around their subdivision. It was actually really nice and I’m shocked that Moose did so well! Usually Moose and their dog Buck are always playing and rough housing but they actually didn't play at all. They were on a mission to walk! After our little walk Chels and I ventured out to the nearest Home Goods and got a few things! Two white pumpkins for the table, a new pizza pan without holes (so hard to find), Halloween cookie cutters, round scalloped cookie cutters, a new dog food container for Moose!
We picked up Panera on the way home for us and the boys. It was delicious!!! Chels and I watched Age of Adaline after lunch. it was a nice movie, I think Blake Lively did an awesome job! It's a great rainy day movie.  Eric and I headed out to go to our Niece’s baptism that night while our hosts babysat Moose. Kenley was adorable and it was a wonderful ceremony. Eric actually held her for most of the time! We went to a really good BBQ restaurant afterwards and Stacy LOVED the quilt my Aunt and I made Kenley! J
We also got a lot of comments of how natural Eric looked holding a baby, and when are you going to have kids? 1.) We have 7 nieces and nephews, of course we are natural’s with babies by now! 2.) I’m always shocked when people ask that question because I feel like it's a personal one. If you answer with the normal, someday, they are just like oh how wonderful. If you answer with we aren’t having kids, they look confused and offended. If you answer with we’re trying, that is like uber personal and AWKWARD because you just told someone you’re doing it a lot to have kids. I don't know why but I feel like it's a weird personal question to ask or to make suggestions toward….sorry if that took a weird turn but I don't like people trying to pressure or suggest for others to have kids! When we got home from dinner we watched the end of the Michigan State Spartan football game vs Oregon Ducks. It was awesome that we won but I totally fell asleep mid game! I’m excited that we won though! J

Sunday Eric got up at 6 to put a few more coats of paint on the cabinet’s. They had to run a few errands while it was drying. Chels and I slummed it on the couch again and watched a few shows. We watched The Carbonaro Effect which was awesome! My brother in law’s mom was telling me about it the night before and I thought we’ll maybe catch it on TV sometime. It was running a mini marathon on Sunday so we watched a few. It’s a hidden camera magic show. --These people don’t know they are being filmed or that he is a magician. They are at ordinary places and he performs magic. One was at a hardware store, one was at an antique store, one was at a holistic food store and every time he would explain the crazy magic he just performed the people would be like oh yea that's a how it happened. At the hardware store a woman was looking for a 12ft long extension cord but she could only find two 6ft cords. He magically hooked the two together and made one 12ft cord. He was trying to explain to her that they are inner changeable but it was hilarious looking at her face trying to figure out how he just did that right in front of her! ---After the boys finished a few more projects we headed home. It was nice to be home after being gone all weekend. I did a few chores around the house. I’m planning to repaint our bathroom and put up some new accessories so when I do I’ll post some pictures.

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

Friday, September 11, 2015


I still can’t believe what happened that day. I was in 7th grade social studies class when the teacher next door came in our classroom crying saying terrorist are attacking and something about a plane hitting the World Trade Center. At the time I didn't know what the WTC was but that teachers son worked in New York so she was desperately trying to get a hold of him while our teacher watched both classes. My teacher turned on the TV in our class room and we watched the terror of the 2nd plane hitting the 2nd tower. They put our school on lockdown so we didn't switch to our next class right away. It almost felt like we were watching a movie but it was live television.  Every September 11th since I have watched any and all news, biography, memorial that they show on TV. Eric doesn’t like watching it because it stresses him out but I can’t get enough information on it. Almost every time those shows bring me to tears because those are real Americans with families and lives that were lost that day. They were just going to work on a normal day whether it was those who worked in the towers, the firefighters going up to save others, EMT’s, police officers, etc. Someday I hope to make it to the memorial to pay my respects. I already know that I will burst out crying when I see it. I think they made the memorial beautifully and it honors those lost in a respectful way. I will never forget September 11, 2001.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekend Recap

Friday. I was able to take a half day off work and the Labor Day festivities began! We went out on the boat for a few hours. We fished for most of it. We ended up coming in around 6 so that we could get ready for the MSU football game at 7PM.
I decided to have a Nacho Bar and it was so delicious! We had way to much food but everyone’s tummies were full! I also tried to get in the MSU spirit with my serving platters I never get to use! I tried to make little football cookies but hey at least I tried! MSU ended up winning 37-24 against Western! Rob the birthday boy got some cupcakes and we made him make a wish! The Moose and Buck had fun playing all night too!

Saturday. The boys got up and went fishing again in the AM but the girls slept in! It felt wonderful! Plus it was raining and cold so not a perfect morning to be out on the boat. We met up with our friends parents to have lunch waiting for the rain to stop. It eventually did so we all went back out on the boat to fish one last time before we take the boat out of the water. We caught a few which is always nice….my fridge is still full of fish that only Eric eats! We were able to see a gorgeous sunset on the lake. This is one of the major perks of living on the water! J
Sunday. The boys went to a drag car race with my father in law. They had a blast! I decided to exercise a little bit at the mall. It’s good cardio! J I bought 3 new blouses, a new fall maroon dress, earrings, a necklace and two new candles.
Monday. It was a bumming around the house type of day. We slept until 8 that morning which is wonderful and Eric made waffles! Eric worked on the basement a little more. I did some laundry and organizing. I ended up getting thrown into this marathon on National Geographic Channel on a show called 90s: The Last Great Decade? After that was done The 2000s: A New Reality came on so I had to watch that! I was taking down my summer decorations and putting up my fall ones while watching them. It was nice that it was just Eric and I hanging out all day. We never get to do that so I cherish it when we can! J
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Friday, September 4, 2015


Today’s post is going to be about positivity. With all the crazy going on in our lives, in our country and in our world I think we all need to be more positive towards one another. It makes me sad to think that we are now a ‘me’ society. We don’t do things for others because it doesn’t benefit ‘me’. I hope that anyone who is reading this can take away one ounce of positivity and share it with those they care about or even a perfect stranger.

Have a wonderful weekend! :) Go Green! Go White! Go Spartans!