Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend Recap

Friday. The boys were in a fishing tournament on Saturday so they needed to prep the boat on Friday night. They went out and caught a few while Chels and I went to dinner at Clementine's. It still amazes me that some people will wait for more than an hour for a table when the bar is open seating!!! That means you can sit right away and order food! We had to fight the crowd to get in the door then we get to the bar and we heard crickets!! We walked off our dinner by walking down to the frozen yogurt shop! Then walked about half way down to the pier and watch the boys come through the harbor. After our fro-yo  we met the boys back at the boat to say hello. The boys were eager to get home and go to sleep because they knew it was going to be an early morning the next day.
Saturday. The boys did their fishing tournament and caught 8 fish. Look at all their fish(that's now sitting in my fridge...anyone wants some salmon?)!
I slept in with Moose and was able to get ready at a very slow pace, it was wonderful! Also I had twins in my eggs that morning! I have never see that before!
I found my old hair extensions while cleaning so I put them in my hair and I thought I did a pretty great job! So I curled them and  you could never know it wasn't my real hair.  (My sister bought these extension for her wedding in 2006. She gave them to me to wear for my wedding in 2012 and I never wear them. So I was cleaning the other day and I found them tucked in a corner, I cleaned them and straighten them and thought…WHY NOT! J).  I picked Eric up from the boat and we headed 3 and a half hours north for my cousins wedding. The place they had the wedding at was awesome, Sojourn Resort.  It had everything you needed right there. A gorgeous inland lake, beach front, a pool, kayaks, shuffle board, horse shoe pits, it was awesome! Of course the wedding was beautiful!!

It was a great night. I might have ‘bonded/drank’ a little too much with my family but it was a good time! Oh and I almost cut my toe off on a door! BUUUTT someone else who was sober did the same thing so I didn't feel as bad that I was a little too over served. I will say my non-hospital, hates anything medical, gets clammy if you talk about anything medical husband came to my rescue. It was bleeding pretty bad and he went to the hospitality room with my mom and got all the supplies to suture me up. I am starting to think maybe he can handle me in labor. He literally claims up and faints when talking about hospitals and blood but when it comes to me he actually steps up to the plate.
My cousin Cristina who I never get to see although she's only 2 hours away! And then you can see how the night went based on the picture of Eric and I on the right.
Sunday. It was a rough day starting out. I never got sick, but I also had to wait until noon to eat to make sure I was in the clear. My head hurt so bad and the spins were in full force. Luckily the bride and groom gave everyone emergency hangover kits with Tylenol, water and Alka-Seltzer! I greatly appreciated it!
We chit chatted on our 3 hour drive home and got motivated to get stuff done on our house. I will say my husband kicked it into gear when we got home. We sold our riding snow blower because it’s just wasting space in the garage. He actually hung up all the shovels and racks on the wall, we hung a few other things that were just laying out and it looks like an actual garage again! Next we will work on our basement. Whenever it rains there is a small river/stream that runs through the middle of our basement. We are going to take everything out of the basement (purge most of it), then fix the water so that it drains under the floor and into the sump pump. We are completely serious about putting our house on the market. I found a house that I want so badly. I told Eric I would do terrible things to get that house! Hahah! Our house is great, it’s just not working for us anymore. We need at least a 4-5 bed and at least 2 full baths. My dream house is waiting for me with 5 bed 2.5 bath, awesome backyard, huge garage, shed, patio, awesome kitchen, amazing woodwork and nice wood blinds already installed on all windows and a ceiling fan already installed in every bedroom. Again I would do terrible things to get this house! AND ITS NAVY! I told Eric I want a navy house someday and my dream house is NAVY!!! J keep your fingers crossed that God helps put that amazing house in our hands! J Happy Monday!

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  1. I hope you get your dream house soon! I think about mine all the time!!