Monday, August 3, 2015

Weekend Recap; Camping

Happy Monday! We had such a long weekend it was crazy! I think camping is fun but 1.) without our dog and 2.) without rain. Our dog does great around a camp fires and he actually did really well in the tent this time, however anytime Eric left his sight he would start barking and crying! He was a bit of a handful this weekend! It wasn’t supposed to rain at all this weekend so we went out on the boat and didn't put our chairs or anything away. While we were out on the boat we saw a massive storm come in and we got caught in a 30 minute rain storm which stunk because all of our stuff got wet. Even though we had some hiccups I think we all still had a really good time. We caught some fish, I stubbed my toe, we ate some yummy food, ate some jerky, we went 2-treking, we went tubing down a river and we got some sun which is always great! I would say this was a good trip overall.

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  1. Glad you still had a good time -- that is no fun about the weather!