Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pretty Little Liar Recap/Spoilers - A is Revealed!

So last night I watched the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars and my mind is blown! THEY FINALLY EXPOSED WHO A IS!!!!! I knew it had to be someone we already knew but I thought it would have been one of the guys…little did I know it was a guy but a transgender guy who goes by the names A, Charles, Charlortte, and CECE DRAKE! So it turns out Charles is a legit member of the DiLaurentis family. The story Mr. D told about Charles putting Alison in a tub of hot water almost drowning her is true and the last straw that helped Mr. D and Mrs. D put Charles into Radley. Turns out Mr. D never visited Charles but Mrs. D visited him all the time. Mrs. D used to let Charles try on her dresses at home so she was already seeing signs that he was transgender. They ended up having a funeral for Charles 1.) to let Mr. D think he was dead so that he wouldn't be suspicious when Mrs. D visited a girl at Radley 2.) so that Charles could transition to Charlotte by grieving Charles death. Charlotte became a scholar and was given permission to attend a local college in the area. One day she called in a bomb threat so she could skip school and go visit her family. She ended up meeting her brother Jason at Rosewood High School and they sorta started dating (apparently not like kissing and junk but mostly hanging out). That summer Jason invited CeCe to the DiLaurentis lake house. CeCe and Alison became very  close. The night of Alison’s “alleged” death CeCe thought she was killing Bethany Young (who Charlotte thought was coming to kill Mrs. D) but really hit Ali over the head with the rock. Mrs. D saw the whole thing and put Charlotte back in Radley. Mona is the one who really killed Bethany Young because she thought she was killing Ali. Mona was so messed up after that they put her in Radley where she met CeCe/Charlotte. I’m still unsure of how Mona and CeCe became friends other than CeCe made Mona tell her everything about Hanna, Spencer, Aria and Emily. When CeCe got out privileges again she met the 4 girls and thought they were happy Ali was dead. She decided to start playing a game with them. The game has lasted 5 years! The other big shocker is that Sara, the other girl they thought was ‘trapped’ in the dollhouse, is really red coat and the black widow at Wilden’s funeral! Everyone thought Red Coat was Ali. There was much more revealed like, Bethany killed Toby’s mom and blamed it on Charles/Charlotte, and Mona is the one who ran Hanna over with the car, you know just little things. But now I want to watch the whole series all over again because I want to see all the thing things A did knowing that its CeCe! CRAZY! I am extremely satisfied with the finale and can’t wait till it starts back up in the fall/winter! Sorry if I spoiled it for anyone but it does say PLL Spoilers in the title!


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