Friday, July 31, 2015

Camping Essentials

In honor of an upcoming camping trip I thought I would share my camping essentials!
·   Tent-obviously you need shelter at night
·   Sleeping bags-so you can be cozy
·   Blue tooth speaker-so you can have some sweet music playing in the background. Last time we
·   Cast iron frying pan-we book all of our meals in this cast iron pan. It always
·   Cooler full of adult beverages and food-because who goes camping without adult beverages or food?
·   Paper plates and cutlery-don’t bother washing unnecessary dishes. Wash the cooking stuff and throw the rest in the fire.
·   Bug spray-because there are thousands of bugs that you want you for dinner!
·   Sunscreen-because we’re getting old and sun spots are not cute
·   Flash light-unless you have night vision built into your eyes….bring a flashlight because your phone battery will die is you rely on that flashlight.
·   Fishing pole-We catch blue gill and bass for dinner on our camping trips…I don’t eat fish so the girls eat hot dogs! J
·   Camping chairs-Eric brought our mac daddy no gravity chair for him and a little crap chair for me last time….needless to say he will never live that down! Make sure you have appropriate chairs for those going!
·   Lighter-because we aren’t cave men starting fires from rubbing sticks together. You need a lighter or matches.
·   Water shoes of some kind-better safe than sorry. You don't want to step on a muscle, rock or branch and split your foot open.
·   S’more stuff-DUH!
·   First aid kit-better safe than sorry! If you bring it you won’t need it. If you leave it you’ll need it!
·   Double tubes with built in cooler (best things we ever bought!)-because tying them together is a pain!
·   Pizza makers-pizza over the fire is amazing! You can also make pies and we were thinking of trying to make French toast in them this year!

Also I thought I would add some of my fav camping essential outfits. You want to make sure you are comfy at all times. I’m a big fan of jean shorts because they are perfect for getting a little dirty. I’m still working leggings into my wardrobe but camping they are a great night essential because you don't get too hot or too cool in them.  Having a few hoodies on hand is key and having a comfy pair of shorts are also a must. Sunglasses and comfy shoes should also be in your bag. Don’t forget your bathing suit!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


What we're eating this week: Whatever is in the pantry. I’m not stocking the fridge again until next week.
What I'm Reminiscing About: Our little rental house. We are contemplating building a house, or flipping another one but none the less we are thinking of going bigger. I think about our little 900 square foot home that we were perfectly happy in. I’m constantly asking myself why we need bigger and better when we had it best at the smallest house we were in.
What I'm Loving: Currently loving my husband. Yesterday he went fishing after work and I came home with a text message that said I already took care of the dog and I started a load of laundry. Usually I take care of the dog when I get home and start the laundry so that was a pleasant treat!
What We've Been Up To: Fishing, boating and enjoying the summer. I want to soak up every minute I can out in that sun!
What I'm Dreading: Not much at this time. I'm pretty darn happy! :)
What I'm Working On: Painting some pictures for my GIL (grandma-in-law). They redid her guest room for the kids and I have been painting the pictures from the quilt onto canvas. Next I want to try to make my first quilt for my god daughter!
What I'm Excited About: Fall, camping, my birthday, Halloween, Christmas and life in general.
What I'm watching/reading: Home Improvement. Man that show makes me laughs!
What I'm Listening To: Shania Twain, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift
What I'm Wearing: Shorts at home and rotating my work wardrobe. My work wardrobe is more diverse in the summer so I’ll be sad when I can’t wear all my brightly colored items in the fall and winter.
What I'm Doing This Weekend: CAMPING
What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month: Our 3rd Anniversary, my cousins wedding, spending time with my sister, niece and nephew.
What Else is New: The strive to finish our house so we can sell it!
What will I miss most about summer? The warmth. We have harsh winters here. I swear its under 40 degrees outside from November to May, so when we get above 60 I’m happy!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend Recap; Shania Twain!

Good Morning! Our weekend was jammed packed full of friends and family and a ton of fun.

Friday. We had dinner with friends at Bullfrogs. We sat outside and it was so nice out. Once the sun went down the mosquito’s came out to eat their dinner. We were pretty bit up but our tummies were full and we played a lot of pull tabs. We went home and cuddled with her puppies then went to sleep because we had a big day ahead of us.
Saturday. The boys got up early and went golfing while Chels and I got up and bummed around for a while. We finally made it out of the house around 11, we got Panera Bagels then headed to my parents. My Aunt and Uncle were there with my cousin and his family. We had a good old fashion bbq pool side. The weather was amazing. It was 80 and sunny! Moose even took a few dips in the pool. He also managed to pop 3 beach balls! What a little booger! We snacked, drank and layer in the sun all day. Around 6 we started getting ready for THE SHANIA TWAIN CONCERT! Eric and I had a blast! Eric didn't know how excited he was until he got there! Gavin DeGraw opened her for which was cool. He walked around the audience so he was like 2 feet from me! Then Shania came on. It was magical! She sounded amazing and Eric and I sang along so almost EVERY song! I definitely cried during From This Moment! I love that song so much. I feel its about finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. If you listen to the lyrics they are magical and so meaningful and I told Eric that sometimes I get tear eyed listening to it in the car so odds were that when Shania sang it live…..I was most definitely going to tear up! But they were happy tears because I love that song so much! Haha I know im a nerd! I also took a video of every song she sang. As soon as I can figure out how to upload them from my phone I will try to post them! The one of 'From This Moment' is pretty shake because ....I was crying the whole time....don't judge me.
She wore some crazy outfits and yes she’s blonde but the music was the same and she’s the same sweet Canadian she’s always been! We had so much fun! I would go to her concert again!
Oh ya and she went around the growd too and we were HELLA close to her! OMG it was amazing!
Sunday. We went to brunch with my parents and our friends we were staying with. I was nervous to take my parents there because it’s more of an hip place with alternative type things on the menu. When I say alternative I mean they have normal stuff but they always put a spin on the food that you would never expect. I had a ‘Mosh Pit’ for breakfast. It was like an omelet but it had sweet peppers, cherry Michigan sausage, parmesan cheese and a few other items but I would never think to put parmesan on my omelet but it was extremely good! So we had a great morning! We took off and headed to Eric’s Dad’s house. We hung out with the family at their pool for a bit. After that we headed home. We made a stop at Cabela’s because we need a new tent. Eric has had the same tent for the past 20 years. The zipper finally broke on it so now its onto buying a new one.  Yes I could have put a new zipper in this one and called it a day, but I think it’s too small and I think the bottom always gets wet so I want a new one! We couldn't find any that we agreed on at Cabela’s and I knew that Target had some so made a stop there too! We ended up buying a Coleman Dome Insta-Tent 6 person. It’s WAY bigger than our old tent and you can put it up in like 3 minutes because you don’t ever take the poles apart. I don’t mind putting a tent up I think it’s fun but this tent, you literally take it out of the bag and basically stand it up! Ahhah We wanted to look for a trailer hitch rack for my Jeep so we went to Menards. I have wanted one for a while because with our dog, its nice to have a little extra storage. I wanted to mount a storage bin on the top of our Jeep but Eric say no, so I compromised! I have been hinting to Eric’s Mom that we wanted one for a while so now I’m going to have to give her some other ideas! At Menards we ended up buying two sleeping bags because I’m over being freezing cold with regular blankets, even when I bring warmer ones I’m always freezing so we bought these two sleeping bags and we can zip them together to make a double. Yes we already put the tent up in the backyard and yes we already zipped the sleeping bags together to try them out! They are cozy and warm! So now I’m probably going to sweat to death in them! Anyways we had an amazing weekend and we got some great new toys to take camping!  

I hope you had an amazing weekend also! Have a great day!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Five on Friday

1.// Home Free. I love this new show called Home Free. It’s on Wednesday nights at 9PM on Fox. It is a home flipping show that is a competition between 10 couples. They think they are competing to win a home at the very end. At the end of the flip one of the couples is sent home. The twist is that the house they just flipped is their new home! The people don’t know that when they get kicked off they win the home they all just flipped.  I love the idea and it’s amazing to see their reactions when they think they are meeting the deserving family and its really themselves! They do look for people who are deserving of these houses, they make sure the contestants are in need of a new home. Love!! Eric and I liked watching them flip everything so fast!
2.//Shania Twain. Tomorrow I will be sitting on the floor (floor seating not literally on the floor) at the Shania Twain concert! My 13 year old self is going crazy! I can’t wait to see along to all my favorites!
3.//Praying for Louisiana. It saddens me that these crude and selfish people feel they can walk into something as innocent as a movie theater, a mall a church or anywhere and take someone else’s life. I was scared to go to the movies after the first theater shooting in Colorado and now another shooting has taken place in Louisiana. It's a shame that now people will have to wear a bullet proof vest while eating their popcorn in order to feel safe. I understand taking the guns away isn’t the answer but I don't understand how this keeps happening? Why don’t we have stricter laws for getting a gun? Why don't we have more appreciation for one another, rather than such hate?
4.//Boating. We need to boat more during the week even if it’s out for a little stroll. Last night we took my in-laws from out of town out on the boat with their two little ones. I’m excited that we took our first infant out on the boat to show Eric babies and boats do mix well together!

5.//Disney. Eric and I want to quit our jobs and move to Florida and work at Disney. I think that will be our retirement plan! We went there last year but we are anxious to go back!
 Hope you have an amazing weekend!


Thursday, July 23, 2015


I am terribly sorry for my absence from blogging. I have had a lot going on in the past few days that I couldn’t find the time to sit down and type it all out! Here are the highlights of my life at this time.
We are seriously considering buying another flipper, building a new house and finding out how we can quickly sell our current house that still needs a few finishing touches. Since we live in a town that is mostly cottage and summer homes, it’s hard to find something in your price range that doesn’t need work. Also most of the homes in the area are 2-3 bedrooms with 1 bath, which is what we have and we need more. We want a 4-5 bed with 2-3 bath….i know what you’re thinking but it is a possibility and no I’m not crazy. We also don’t want to live in town but we don’t want to live in the boondocks either. I found this adorable little ranch, just outside of town 4 bed 3 bath and it has all the amenities we need and want (2 car garage, finished basement, outside and inside entertaining area(other than our living room), MASTER SUITE…yup two closets and a bathroom in the master bedroom which is 14’x28’, fenced in yard, turn around driveway, and a pool). The downside is that it hasn't been updated since the 70’s maybe 80’s and it has wallpaper on every wall. I doubt we will buy this house but I could easily turn it into my dream home if we did! We really enjoyed flipping our house now but we are quickly realizing its not a 5 year house like we planned. If we don’t sell this year, I think next year will be the year.
I got a new iPhone 6 at work! I love this thing. I had a 5C for my work one and I was using my old 4 for my person use. I quickly realized that having two phones is not fun. So someone was turning theres in so I was able to keep my same number since I was 16 and get an upgrade. Oh and the company pays for my phone so it’s even better! J
I can’t believe it but I have a booked flight to Vegas for my girlfriends bachelorette party! We have talked about going to Vegas for one of our bachelorette parties for years! 2 of us have gotten married and no Vegas. Now, we are legit going to Vegas, flights are booked and paid for and I couldn’t be more excited! We all joke that we will be in bed by 10pm because we are so old now (pushing 28!). We also were joking that we will have to get slutty Vegas clothes, I’m not much of a heel person so I said what can I get that slutty that will match a pair of flats?! Ahahah.
We are planning to go see Shania Twain this weekend! I have been anxiously awaiting this weekend and now, ITS HERE! I am so glad that I waited to buy tickets. They have been $80 a piece for nosebleed seats ever since tickets went on sale. I found a pair on the floor today for $99 a piece! I can’t wait to be singing all my favorites on the floor with my hubby!  I’ve listened to a few of her concerts on Youtube and her voice is a little different from how it was back in the 90’s but I think it's the songs I love so much so I can’t wait to sing along with them all! Sadly it’s been like 3 or 4 years since Eric and I have been to a concert so I think we’re due for a fun night out!
I will try to check in tomorrow for the Five on Friday! Have a great Thursday!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! We soaked up every minute of our weekend! Friday. The gang rolled in and we hung out at our house. We played darts, had some girl talk, drank some drinks and watched a little Home Improvement.
Saturday. We went out fishing in the AM. We checked the weather and it didn't mention anything about rain or storms. Around 10Am we saw a crazy storm coming in from the west. It was coming super fast so we started pulling the lines and headed to shore. It sort of blew over us. As it was getting closer the dark gray clouds dissipated. It did rain super hard for like 20-30 minutes. We made some sandwiches, waited for it to stop raining then we went back out on the water. The girls floated around on tubes and the guys hung out on the boat.  We all got sunburned but it was nice to soak up some Vitamin D for a while! My parents rolled into town around 4PM. We all showered up and went to Dimaggios! It’s a dive bar but they make really good pizza. Then as we were sitting down to our table another storm rolled through. It poured for about another hour. We watched people come in to the restaurant soaked! Luckily it stopped raining by the time we left. We came home, had a few drinks, made s’mores over the gas cook top, played some cards and just hung out!
Sunday. The boys played in a golfing tournament while my friend and I took our Mom’s out to breakfast. It was nice to just hang out with our moms and chit chat! Afterwards my mom and I went off to Holland to put a dent in our credit cards! I got a new comforter for our king mattress because I only have queens, a new bathrobe, new hangers, moose got a new lifejacket (it was on clearance at TJ’s) and a new chew toy, a new bag of sugar because apparently you can’t use the same one for 3 years, and a new sweater from Target.  I think we did pretty well!
The boys bid on some prizes and won a some prizes at the golf tournament. We got a free night stay at a bed and breakfast in town, a couple rounds of golf, a few gift cards to some restaurants in town, a painting, a baggo set, and a T-Shirt from a restaurant in town. The boys were on a high when they got home!  After our shopping trip and the boys golf tournament my Aunt and Uncle stopped by on their way back from Wisconsin. We went out to dinner and it was nice to catch up with them. After we went for a boat ride and swim with our friends Adam and Christine. We think the life jacket slows Moose down when he’s swimming but we now know we need to keep the jacket on when the boat is moving. Moose jumped out of the boat when we were about to dock it and we only had his collar to pick him out by. The collar of course slipped off and Eric had to bear claw hug him to get him back in the boat. Then Moose decided to be even more naughty and jump into the muddy area and completely douse himself in mud before getting into the car. That was a treat! Everyone got a bath last night!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Five on Friday

ONE. Home Improvement is so much better as an adult! I understand the funny husband and wife jokes now and I just think it’s good clean fun! I’m shocked they used to say damnit on this show but they did! Also I’m excited that Eric and I have a show to watch together. We rarely sit and watch TV together because Eric is such a busy body that if he sits down for 5 minutes he’ll fall asleep. It’s nice to sit down with a bag of popcorn – Moose loves popcorn, and sit back and have a good laugh together!
TWO. I’m the only person not shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Every blog I follow has at least 2-3 posts this week about the sale and their top picks or buys. I’m sorry but for me if a shoe is normally $129.99 on sale for $84.99….that is not a good sale.  I would need it to start at $84.99 and come down to $9.99….now that's a good sale! Sorry I’m cheap but I will stick to my second hand stores and my cheap sale racks.
THREE. It’s supposed to be 90 degrees this weekend! We will be out on the boat and we will probably have to go into the 50 degree water to cool off! Summer has arrived…’s supposed to be in the high 70s and low 80s next week! Watch out Saddle Lake here we come to cool off after work!
FOUR. Summer is flying by. I am already seeing back to school commercials on TV, all the clothes people were buying in the Nordstrom sale looks like sweaters, boots and all in fall colors and last night Casper was on! I felt like I needed a warm apple cider and donuts! Fall is my favorite time of year so I’m excited that its creeping up on us.
FIVE. I want everything in my life to be more positive. I have had a stressful week and I want nothing more dragging me down. If you aren’t positive nothing around you will be positive.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It's All About The Moose

We have made it halfway through the week! I’m still up to my elbows in laundry but I’m slowing working on it! Last night Eric and I had a spontaneous date night. We had dinner and drinks at Clementine’s then headed to Decadent Dog for some b-day treats for Moose. We got him a harness for our walks and we got him a beer cookie. He’s 28 in dog year, he’s allowed to have a beer every now and then! ☺

We are also looking into getting him a life jack/vest. We saw a few at Decadent Dog but they were like $50-$60 and I knew we could find one cheaper. I don’t want to get him a full jacket because he’s a good swimmer now so this is more incase he gets tired or for a safety percussion really. The other ones are too bulky, I just want a little vest to wrap around him. These are a few I’ve been looking at
Atomic Drop Life Vest Keeps Dog Safe in Water
O'Brien Neoprene Pet Life Vest - Dick's Sporting Goods
Also I just ordered Season 1 of Home Improvement from Amazon. What I don’t understand is the fact that there are 8 seasons. They generally range from $13-$15 on Amazon.  They do offer all 8 in a set for $140 but why would I pay $40-$20 extra to get them all at once? I figure every month I’ll buy a new season and I will be happy to pay the $13-15 at that time. Also Amazon Prime ships it to me within a few days so we will be laughing at the Tool Man in no time. Eric and I love that show but they never play reruns anymore. I want our kids to grow up watching it just like we did! *grunt*grunt*grunt*

Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekend Recap

Hello and Good Morning! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! I’m sorry for not posting much last week, we had a busy busy week and weekend!
Thursday. I got a trim but I love this painting in our town! It’s an elephant painted to look like a zebra! It makes me smile every time I see it!
We also installed vinyl in our half bath! It’s still not 100% where I want it to be but were getting there.
Friday. Eric had to stop by his Mom’s dealership so he decide to test drive a truck I’ve had my eye on! I think I make this look good! Also there are no door handles. You use a remote on the key chain to open the doors!
Later on all of my friends from high school traveled to our little town. We planned this weekend 7 and a half months ago and 9 out of the original 13 invited came! We had a blast! Everyone arrived at different times so we had a bon fire going and drinks flowing!
We roasted marshmallows and hot dogs for a yummy little snack!
Saturday. The boys went golfing while some of the girls went running. Afterwards we packed up some snacks and lunch then we headed to the beach! It was pretty crowded but I don't think anyone was bothered. We had a pretty big area  staked out so we had plenty of room. A few brave souls went into the freezing water of Lake Michigan. The departure is currently 59 degrees in Lake Michigan. You must really have to go to submerge yourself in that cold temp! We stayed for a few hours then headed home to wash off and then head out on the boat. We picked up some amazing pizza and fuchsia bread from The Vineyard. My friends think their pizza/marinara sauce is so good they practically drink it from the cup! We didn't catch anything but fly bites but everyone still had a good time. We listened to some old school music and reminisced about old times. Lots of old Facebook pictures were shown!
We hit up Meijer on the way home for some extra bon fire material, beer, chocolate, pie makers for grilled cheeses and pizzas, marshmallows, COCONUT TOASTED MARSHMALLOWS! Let me just say that I FINALLY remembered to go look for these marshmallows on Saturday at 10PM. Everyone loved them! They said the smore’s tasted like an almond joy! They were delicious! Also my little make turned 4 on Saturday!
Sunday. The boys went out fishing while the girls stay back to sleep in and chit chat. JBuch was an excellent chef! She made our eggs perfectly! The boys caught a few fish that morning!
I was sad to see everyone leave but I’m excited for them all to come back. And it was nice to make some plans for the future. I’m going to help JBuch paint her new apartment and we have a few dates on the books to have a girls trip to Chicago to see her!
After everyone left the day turned out to be a scorcher! Eric wanted to take Moose out for a swim and boat ride. We have done this very few times because we don't have a life jacket to get him in and out of the boat easily and I’m afraid if he sees another person or animal he will be off the boat and after it in a heartbeat!  I love when I worry and then everything turns out to be ok. Moose did great and we had our friends meet us out there with their dog. We found this shallow sandy area in the lake and the dogs loved it because they knew they didn't have to swim the whole time, they could stand and relax. We were able to play out there with them and not worry about them drowning us…yes its almost happened before! But we had an amazing time and plan to do it every Sunday afternoon!

Then after a fun day of swimming and boating we went out for dinner and drinks with Adam and Christine!
Hope you have an amazing week!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

30 Things You Might Not Know About Me

1.       I have terrible eyesight. My prescription is +4 which to some means I’m practically blind, however I can see perfectly without my glasses which is crazy.
2.       I can touch my tongue to my nose.
3.       I’m completely torn on when to have a kid. I don’t want to have one then regret waiting a little longer. But I don’t want to wait any longer because I’m so ready to start a family. What am I supposed to do flip a coin?
4.       I’m terrified of childbirth. That's the other part that has me on the fence. It looks so painful and scary. I know you get a little amazing bundle of joy out of it but I’m going to be doing it solo because Eric is really bad with hospitals. How a man can gut a deer and rip out their guts, yet get light headed and pass out in a hospital I will never understand.
5.       I wish I would have gone into a career that challenges me creatively. I would love to be a designer of sort. Home designer, marketing designer or wedding designer. A wedding planner would be my dream job!
6.       I live my life safe. I never take big risks or take on big tasks because I’m always afraid of money or stability or making a mistake. I wish that I had the balls to take a year off and travel the world or go somewhere and learn/study a culture. I wish that I had the guts to do crazy things and not worry about the repercussions.
7.       I don’t have a favorite movie. I have so many favorites that I could never choose just one.
8.       I have a strange love for rap or fast lyrical songs. I love memorizing the words and saying them really fast along with the music.
9.       I am an open book. I rarely keep things to myself. I still have a few secrets up my sleeve but not very many.
10.   I broke my left arm as a kid. I jumped off of a play structure and landed on my arm.
11.   I have been to HI, IA, MI, OH, IN, IL, FL, GA, SC, TN, KY. I have driven through other states but I don’t count those because if you didn't actually stop to see it then you haven’t been there.
12.   I am dying to go to New York. I want to experience the hustle and bustle of it all. I want to taste the amazing food and I want to see the incredible landmarks.
13.   I wish I could do grade school all over. I was a B/C student in school. I passed but never retained as much as I should have. I wish that I could go back and learn everything all over again and really appreciate it all. I didn’t get a ‘thirst for knowledge’ until college.
14.   I am decent at following recipes but I would love to be the type of chef on Chopped where you could be given a list of ingredients and make something up off the top of my head.
15.   I love to bake. I like to make little cupcakes, brownies, cheesecakes and other little creations. Baking is a way for me to use the recipe to get it right and then create something magical with the delicious treat with frosting or sprinkles.
16.   My first rated R movie was Assault on Precinct 13. It was a pretty good movie. I would recommend it if you are looking for a thrilling action movie.
17.   My first kiss was from a boy named Erik and I plan to have my last kiss from a man named Eric! Apparently I like boys named Eric/k.
18.   I could watch and recite Sex and The City all day everyday! I own the whole series or the Bible some call it and I have both movies. I think of myself as Charlotte York forever and always.
19.   I wish I could relive the 90’s as an adult. I thought the fashion and the music were amazing. Watching Hindsight allows me to slightly relive the 90s while being an adult but I’m not sure when they are planning to put that back on TV.
20.   Panda Express is my fast food guilty pleasure. It’s really not that good, but for some reason I can’t get enough of their chow mein noodles.
21.   I have seen Taylor Swift in concert 3 times.
22.   When I was 19 I almost got a tattoo of the quote from James Dean that says “Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today.” However when we got there the guy said he would have to make it big enough to read and I didn't want this massive thing on my body.
23.   My husband and I met in a class in college and I thought he was super attractive. We had done a few projects together but I didn't want to start anything in case it went bad and we still had class together. DUH that would have been awkward! So we waited till the classes ended to hang out and we’ve been together ever since!
24.   My first celebrity crush was Devon Sawa  from Casper, Little Giants,  Wild America and Now & Then.
25.   My proudest accomplishment is graduating from Michigan State University. I didn't get into my safety school back in Troy so I had to think of other options. I am so thankful to my parents for moving me up to Lansing to attend their community college. Not only did I meet me future husband there, but I actually succeeded in school and graduated on the Dean’s List.
26.   I am slightly obsessed with Candy Crush and Candy Soda.
27.   My favorite stores are the ones that sell stuff but I could shop at TJ’s, Marshalls and HomeGoods any day all day!
28.   A soft pretzel and nacho cheese is my favorite food of all time.
29.   Halloween is my favorite holiday. I start the month off with a party (my birthday) and end the month with a party!
30.   My dream car would be a black 4 door Jeep Wrangler with black rimmed wheels and a hard T-Top roof!