Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Recap

I just had the most hectic and fabulous weekend!
Friday. Eric and I have been talking about buying a new mattress for a while now. Since our dog sleeps with us it's a bit crowded in a queen. We have dreamed of a king for a long time now. Friday we decided to go to a local furniture store and look at pricing and what they have to offer. Within 20 minutes we found one, we bought it and today its being delivered. Everything happened so fast, this was the first place we looked, it was the 4th or 5th bed we tried out and we took the first offer he gave. We were in at 5:45 and we were out at 6:10 with a new bed…..I couldn’t believe what just happened. I was in shock for another 2 hours.  I am confident in our purchase, I’ve just never made one with that amount of money on the line so quickly!
Saturday. We were in a girls fishing tournament. We had a blast. We didn't win anything but we still had fun.
This is our group in the morning then again when we were pulling in. We had a great time! And since we have the new big fancy boat we were all able to use our new commode! Our old boat you would just put a bucket in the small storage area and half you body would be sticking out of it and the other half would be covered. Now we have an actual bathroom that you have privacy when using it! The best feeling is coming into the harbor not having to burst because you have been holding it for 5 hours! All in all I love the new boat!
This is the one little fish we caught. It’s better than being skunked!
After a while we needed some good mojo so we made the boys put the wigs on and I think Eric liked it a little too much! He was really rocking out with it!
We had an awesome time! Afterwards we had a little BBQ at the dock and then went to the beach because it got up to 80 that afternoon. The lake was around 55 degrees so it felt nice to cool down but man was it cold!
Sunday. We had a relaxing day. I ran to a few stores to get prepared for the new mattress. We have king comforters but we don't have any king sheets. I ran to Target, TJ Maxx and HomeGoods and came back with more than I needed. I bought new rugs for my kitchen because even though the white ones look great they get dirty really quickly. I bought new ones then had the idea to try to bleach the old ones as a last stitch effort. I put them in the bathtub with a few cubs of bleach and water and then washed them. They actually came out looking brand new! So now I have a backup set so I can start washing them more often. We cleaned like crazy and we moved a few of the beds around so when they deliver the new mattress today we can just plop it down. Eric made our last bed so I know he will make a new frame for our new one. Our friends just put in a new fence so we took their old one to make something with. I plan to make a new bed frame with it. These are what I’m thinking.



  1. Love the idea of re-purposing the fence for a bed frame. That's awesome that Eric is so handy! And sounds like a fun fishing trip even if you didn't catch much!

    1. If we can take something old and make it new again, I think it makes it more special! Thanks commenting!

  2. your fishing tournament sounds fun!

  3. DYING at the pictures of the guys in the wigs! Too funny! Looks like a great weekend!

    Found you through the linkup. :)

    1. It's always better to take it to the next level sometimes! I found you through the link up a little while ago and your growing belly is adorable! Thanks for stopping by!