Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tuesday Night Fishing Trip

Last night we went fishing with our friends Adam and Christine on Saddle Lake. We fished for bass and bluegill. We caught a ton of bluegill and I caught the only bass! I miss inland lake fishing. Now that we have the big boat we never take out our little boat on inland lakes. 1.) It’s cheaper to take the little boat out 2.) There’s nothing better  than bass fishing with a red worm. I love to feel the first time the fish catches the line. Salmon fishing you don’t have any control over the poles other than the direction you troll in. Bass fishing you can cast a 1,000 different ways. You don’t have to rely on a fish tracker or wind direction. With bass and bluegill you are the one catching the fish, not the boat. As you can see I have a love for bass fishing!
Update on our new King Mattress! It’s amazing! I have never had so much room while sleeping! Obviously I need to get new bedding ASAP!

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