Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Currently Trying...


Simply Naked Unoaked Wine I recently started buying this wine because I think it has a smooth taste. It has more sweet flavors that give it a refreshing and delightful taste. Also the price is amazing!

Lashes I am not one to wear fake lashes any day except my wedding day, however I found a few that blend right into your natural lashes. I just need length on my lashes. I don’t like when they are all clumped together. These two brands, while incredibly cheap, just give your lashes an extra boost of length.

Aveeno Body Wash My husband and I have been going back and forth on a few brands of body wash and we can’t find one we like. A friend of mine uses Aveeno and we tried it while on our House Boat Trip and we both fell in love!

Aveeno Shampoo Since we liked the body wash so much we thought we would try the Shampoo as well. I normally use a volumizing shampoo so I’m not sure how long I’ll last with the Aveeno but I think my husband really likes it!

Teasing My Hair Volume, volume, volume! That’s all I want from my hair. I have been trying to tease my hair more. My problem is controlling where the tease amplifies. I feel like when I tease it looks like I have a roller shoved under my hair because it sticks out. I have tried combing it down but I just need more practice.

Playing Tennis Since its warmer out, my husband and I have taken up tennis. When I say taken up tennis, I mean we have played once but we really enjoyed it! We plan to go at least once a week. We are absolutely terrible at it but it’s fun!

Enjoying Our Town More I am trying to get us to go downtown more. Whether its for an ice cream cone and a walk to the pier, taking a drive down by the lake, playing tennis or going to the farmers market, I want to be more involved in our town.

Hope you have an amazing day!


  1. Hey Julie! Just stopping by from the Friday Favorites link up and I came across this post. I've been wanting to try e.l.f. fake lashes b/c I could use some extra length too. I'm a mom and any day that I can make it out the door without having to worry about makeup (even mascara) would be an added bonus. So thanks for the push to try them! They're on my to-buy list for this weekend. :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad I encouraged you to put them on your to-but list! They don't make it look like you have these huge fake eye lashes. They blend perfect into your lashes for a little extra length. Plus they are so cheap that its worth it to try it and if it doesn't work you won't feel like you wasted a bunch of money! Thanks for the comment!