Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Recap

Good Monday morning! I had an amazing weekend with my family! And the USA Women’s Soccer team beat China so they are going to the Semi-Finals! WAHOO! We grilled hot dogs, we watched Frozen, we went to the farmers market, we went to the park, we went to a drive in restaurant, we had s’mores and we had a great time!
Happy Monday!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Five on Friday

Fourth of July nail art!!!!
Nail Art 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
Right now I’m sporting this crazy concoction.
I’m still obsessed with the idea of decorating my cube at work to be more stylish. I have found a few pictures that I love and want to hang. Here are my top 6. I found always add and take away if I wanted. I could keep them changing trough the seasons!
I’m tossing around the different pictures and seeing what order I like them in. I think I like all 6 together but I’m not sure about having two elephant photos. I think they are both gorgeous which is why I want to put both up but I’m struggling with it because it’s not like I love elephants by any means. I don’t want to put flowers up but I could if I find a good picture. I thought this threesome might be a good balance but but I think I want more color. What do you think?
Still binge watching Parenthood. The first season had every episode with drama and stress through the whole thing and then the last 5 minutes everything worked out great and everyone was happy. The second season they leave you hanging with no happy ending! Not happy that they found out the formula how to keep their viewers watching! I liked knowing that everything worked out and all was good before I left. Now I have to keep watching and see what happens. Another thing I’m not happy about is the photo above. This photo is the poster shot when watching Parenthood on Netflix. If you look at the picture it is probably taken during the last few seasons of the show but its giving away a lot of things! 1.) Why is Adam holding a little girl? Do they have another baby? 2.) Where is Haddie? 3.) who is the little boy in between Sydney and Jabbar? Also while on Google-ing trying to find this photo, I saw a picture of Amber having a baby….Thanks Google for ruining that! And also WHAT?!?! SHE HAS A BABY?!?!? Sorry to spoil that any of you planning to binge or regular watch parenthood but blame it on Google because I’m just as hurt as you are.
Found this at The Little Aslam and I think it’s hilarious!
USA Women’s Soccer team plays China tonight at 7:30PM EST!!! I wish I would have planned better I would have gone to one of their games. It’s in Canada and its only 11 hours away! Totally worth it to see them play! When I was a kid we lived, breathe and slept soccer. We couldn’t get enough of it! I remember watching those penalty kicks back in 99. I remember Brandi Chastain took her shirt off out of excitement for scoring the winning goal. It was crazy to see that they won but at that time it was so scandalous to see a women take her shirt off like that on national TV! Hahaha now look at all the crap they put on tv!
Mi familia is coming this weekend and I’m so excited! ☺ Praying that the weather stays nice because it’s always cold and windy when they come. I have lived here for 4 years and every time they visit me in our beach town, its cold, rainy or windy. This weekend it looks like this but I’m still hopeful!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015