Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend Recap - Birthday Edition

Good Monday Morning! We had a fabulous weekend celebrating my husbands 28th birthday!
Friday it started out by taking a few friends to the Idler for our first round of Pub Nachos and Rum Runners!The boys went on to their Captains meeting for their fishing tournament while the girls went and saw PITCH PERFECT 2! It was amazing! I was very happy with the sequel.  I encourage everyone to go see it!
Saturday started with a stroll through our local farmers market. I was a bit disappointed in the selection this year but it was also the first weekend so I’m going to give it some time! We took a nice morning stroll through town. Then we got down to business. We made all the food for that night! Fruit salad, pasta salad, chickpea cucumber and tomato salad, and good old hot dogs and hamburgers! 
I got to use my new cookie cutters for the cookies! I thought little bikini’s would be perfect! Here is how they looked before they went in the oven. Everyone loved them and I didn’t have a single cookie left over to take a pic of!
Chels and I decided to make the boys a sign for when they pulled back into the doc. I think it explains itself!
The little boys were actually calm for once! They even took little puppy naps!
I think everyone had a great time at the BBQ. The first of many this summer!
Sunday we finished off the great weekend with a treat from DiMaggios!

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  1. All of that food made me hungry! Looks like a great weekend :) I cannot wait to see Pitch Perfect 2!!