Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Why do people think two wrongs make a right?

It makes me sad to think that in places like Baltimore, MD and Ferguson, Mo the people feel that rioting and looting will get their message across. We shouldn’t be creating more injustice for something that is in the past that we can’t change. The peaceful protests are just a gateway for the looting and rioting. The people who are setting things on fire and breaking in and stealing from local stores are not trying to change the situation for the better. They are being selfish and causing unnecessary damage.


I’m also annoyed that they are assuming Freddie Gray and Michael Brown were both sweet innocent boys. Michael Brown was shopping lifting cigars from a convenient store a short time before he was killed. He also struggled with a police officer. Resisting arrest is a charge on top of whatever you are being arrested for. So there are two illegal actions against Michael Brown that can be proven. While I don’t agree that the officer needed to shoot him in order to stop him, somehow the officer  was cleared of all charges. Paul Schwartzman from the The Washington Post has this to say about Freddie Gray. “No mention was made of his lengthy arrest record, and the handful of convictions, mostly drug related, or that he lived off monthly checks from the settlement of a lead-paint lawsuit filed on behalf of him and his siblings against the owners of the house where they grew up.” Freddie Gray was running from police when he was arrested. Why do they feel the need to run from the police? If you have something illegal to hide you might run. By running you are telling the police you are doing something you shouldn’t be.


If you are caught by law enforcement doing something illegal you will be held responsible and face legal actions. The color of your skin and you gender have nothing to do with it. If you don’t want to be arrested, don’t do illegal things! It’s that simple!


A video was just released of a mother upset that her child was out in the rioting. I applaud her because she is taking more action to make things right than any other person out there. Where are all the other’s trying to knock some sense into the rioters?


All lives matter. One life does not mean more than another. While there is injustice in the world, we should not make more to even the score. I pray that those in Baltimore and Ferguson find peace in the world.

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