Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend Recap

Friday we put the boat in the water! It was a serious learning curve trying to learn all the new controls. My husband got a quick lesson from the marina guy and he did very well. We hung out on the boat for most of the night to prep it for the next day. We had dinner at Su Casa with my father in law and as always their food was very good!! Saturday we went out with our friends who own the boat with us and their in-laws! We were not planning on fishing but we ended up having the best fishing day we’ve ever had!!! We took off around noon and everything was going great. We filled it up with some gas and off we went! The boys decided to put a few lines out and we ended up catching 15 lake trout!! We had two fish on the lines at once and we had two in the net at once! We had an amazing first day out on beautiful Lake Michigan. All in all it was an amazing first trip out on the Beetle Bailey! Afterwards we went to a backyard barbeque with all of our puppies that night which was awesome! Then we finished the night up with some bowling! I had a 193 which is amazing! I usually average a 150 (you can see my first game was 154)! Hands down Saturday was one of the best fishing/boating trips we’ve ever had! Sunday the boys helped put up a fence. We took the puppies for a walk by the lake. I did some grocery shopping and the husband decided to organize the entire basement which
I am EXTREMELY happy with! He did an amazing job!!!
It’s going to be hard to top this weekend but I know we have many more amazing memories to make on that boat!


  1. That looks like some fun times out in the water! I absolutely love fresh trout too - cooked whole and seasoned with some amazing herbs and rubs :)

    1. We usually catch salmon and my husband loves trying new recipes! We like to smoke the lake trout, it is delicious! Thanks for the comment!