Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend Recap

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Mine was very relaxing! Nothing too crazy happened. Friday my husband and I went out to eat at Su Casa…yumm!! Our friend Gary stayed with us this weekend so the boys could get the boat ready to put in the water (OMG we’re putting the new boat in next weekend!!!). Saturday I woke up and did my cardio…aka went shopping!!!
(I need to figure out a better way to take photos of my stuff…any suggestions!)
I bought a cute pair of flats, two tanks and an adorable sun dress. When I got home I didn’t have any hangers so I figured that meant to clean out my closet. I was extremely honest in my purge! I took out all the items I love that I don’t wear anymore. I usually give all my old stuff to my sister and I told her when she gets this patch shes not allowed to throw anything away or give anything away! I want it back if she doesn’t want it!
My sister sent me a picture of a wreath that she liked and wanted for her new home. IT WAS $70 ON ETSY!!!! I was shocked!  I told her I could make it for WAYYYY less! I already had one wicker wreath so I only had to buy one (they are $4.99 at Michaels). I bought a few yellow hydrangea’s and a few white. Make sure you look at all their options. I found the white hydrangea’s on a stem that had them all connected so I only paid one price. The yellows I had to get individually so it was more. The letters were $4.99 each also. It cost me $22 to make one of these wreath’s!
A little while ago we had a few tree’s cut down in the front yard because they were dead. We had a guy come out and ground the stumps so now we have wood chips for our flowers beds! Moose decided to turn on his Kim Kardashian and pop that booty out! We made a delicious meal on Saturday night. We grilled steak and chicken, I made loaded potatos and salad. We had angel food cake for dessert with strawberries and cool whip! YUMMM!
I found these drawer organizers at TJMaxx during my shopping spree. I LOVE THEM! I am so excited to finally have an organized junk drawer. I remember when a few of my girlfriends bought houses they swore up and down they would not have a junk drawer and I laughed and laughed! EVERYONE HAS A JUNK DRAWER! Our junk drawer is very deep so every time you would organize the drawer and shut it all the stuff would fly to the back of the drawer. Now that they are in these bins they don’t have as much room to move around so now every time you open the drawer everything is still in place! I opened this drawer about 100 times yesterday because I love looking at it! J

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