Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring Break in Pensacola FL 2015

We started our trip very early on Thursday morning. About an hour into our travels we hit a deer. I shouldn’t say we hit a deer, I should say we SMOKED a deer! I was getting ready to take a little nap when all of a sudden I hear a big SMACK and Eric was trying to get control of the car. I asked him ‘what did you run over?’ and he said ‘we just hit a deer!’ Luckily we were fine and the air bags didn’t go off. The car is pretty banged up but it was still drivable. Not the best way to start a 900 mile trip! We didn’t stop again until it was light out to look at the damages. When we did some man was staring at it while driving by and he almost hit a curb! That was pretty entertaining and embarrassing that our car looks that bad! Then we stopped to get breakfast and I turned around to get something in the backseat and I dropped my breakfast sandwich on the floor….did I mention I just had the inside of my car detailed!? GRRR  I was soo mad at myself!  After 13 long hours of driving we were 2 miles from our exit and we hit dead stop traffic. We sat in that ‘parking lot’ for 2 hours! There was a horrible crash on the opposite side of the highway so the emergency vehicles were blocking our side of the highway. It felt like were were going to be there forever! People started to get out of their cars and walk around to stretch. Most of the truckers near us turn their trucks off! Finally we made it to our hotel around 10pm and went to one of our fav restaurants on the beach called Sidelines. Lucky for us it was Wing Night! Wings and a beer were needed after that long adventure!
The first day we picked up Eric’s grandma and went to Waffle House! YUMMM! Then we did a little shopping at a local fav called Beall’s. It’s similar to a Kohls but it has a lot of southern brands. When everyone arrived we all made a jaunt to the beach. We had a nice pool in the backyard that I sat next to every day! I am not a big ocean person. I can swim and play in a lake all day but oceans freak me out a little (mainly because of jellyfish!). We went to Flounders which is an amazing restaurant there. We had this massive nacho appetizer. It had fish and shrimp that I had to pick off my chips but it was very good! I also got this awesome cocktail called Tropical Diesel Fuel. I made scotcharoos and rice krispie treats for everyone but they were gone by the 3rd day! My husband took his two little sisters fishing and I think they had fun.
Our last day was Easter and we had a wonderful day. I got sunburned laying by the pool. We had an Easter Egg hunt that the kids loved! We dyed Easter eggs and we watched The Sandlot! All in all it was a great vacation! Short but sweet! Our travels home were 10 times better than our travels there. However we did see a rather eager couple getting gas. They were kissing pretty passionately while pumping gas. They were going at it for so long I had time to snap a picture! I didn’t know gas stations were a hot spot but I guess they are in love!
Happy Hump Day!! ;)


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