Thursday, April 9, 2015

Breastfeeding At The Ball Park!

I found this amazing article about the Cincinnati Reds ball park. They made an adorable breastfeeding suite in their stadium. I thought it was an awesome thing that they provided for nursing mothers. I’m not opposed to women breastfeeding in public. I think that feeding your baby is a natural activity that shouldn’t be frowned upon. This doesn’t mean that when I have kids I will be whipping my breast out anywhere, I’m just saying it’s nice that they provided these mothers a safe, clean and cheerful environment do breastfeed in.

Here is a snippet of the article by Mike Oz.

“The Cincinnati Reds announced a new ballpark feature Monday that any mother will love: A nursing suite where breast-feeding moms can retreat during a game for a more comfortable, more private moment with their child. Phil Castellini, the Reds' chief operating officer, told ESPN that the club had an increasing number of women asking for a better place to nurse. Pro sports stadiums are loud, crowded and sometimes sticky — so finding a serene place is a bit of a challenge. As a father of five, Castellini knew this was a serious demand, so the Reds created something special at Great American Ball Park.And so, the nursing suite came to be. A local homebuilder created it and the Reds got Pampers to sponsor it. The result is this straight-outta-HGTV suite that's probably better than most peoples' homes.”

(Cincinnati Reds)

(Cincinnati Reds)(Cincinnati Reds)(Cincinnati Reds)(Cincinnati Reds)

Check out the rest of the article by Mike Oz here!


Hey Comerica Park, are you planning to put one of these in??


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