Thursday, March 12, 2015

Take a Bow, America: What Every U.S. State is Best At

I found this article on the other day. It’s called Take a Bow, America: What Every U.S. State is Best At by Kate Peregrina.
I found the following States to be quite interesting. Click on the link above for the full article!
Arizona: Sunniest state-Arizona, as a state, doesn’t observe Daylight Savings. But with enough sunlight to turn any seat belt buckle into a weapon of mass conduction, can you really blame them? I was shocked at this one because naturally I thought California took this title. I thought a hot seat belt in Michigan was bad, but apparently in AZ they are ‘weapons of mass conduction’! ahahah love that!
California: Most breastfed babies-More babies are breastfed in California than any other state, at rates that would make your grandmother from the Old Country proud. How do you poll this? Do they ask each women in the hospital right after having a baby if they plan to breastfeed? Do they witness it out on the street and just count how many are they see doing it? Do they send someone door to door and ask?
Colorado: Least obese-With all that amazing hiking, skiing, and just general outdoor goodness, Coloradans have plenty of reasons to get out there and do stuff. But just give it a few more years of having legalized pot, and the 2018 version of this list will be “Greatest Funyuns consumption.” Now I’m curious if marijuana will slow down the Coloradans! No one should 'hike, ski or just general outdoor goodness' while high!
Connecticut: Most twin births-Nearly 5% of births in Connecticut are twins, which almost explains how the Winklevoss twins were involved in the creation of Facebook. But not quite.  Connecticut’s population is just around 6 million people. That means there are almost 200,000 sets of twins in Connecticut!  Which means 400,000 people have the twin gene. Be careful when traveling there you might be seeing double!
Florida: Most 4-year-olds in preschools-A state famous for its old people, Florida still makes early childhood education a priority, with 78.5% of the state’s 4-year-olds enrolled in preschool.  Dang people in FL in 2011 were on the baby train!
Hawaii: Least likely to collide with a deer-Hawaii actually has two species of deer, but the odds of running into any are relatively low. The odds of running into a fire juggler? Significantly higher. Watching out for deer in Michigan is like watching out for pot holes, they are everywhere! That would be nice not to have to dodge them all the time. Always remember they travel in pairs. Where there is one there is another right behind it!
Michigan: Most lighthouses -Conversely, Michigan ranks highest in number of lonely lighthouse keepers. Watch someone invent the most niche dating app ever — Lighthouse Keepers Only. Love this one! Especially because my town has one of the prettiest lighthouses!
Montana: Longest cat lifespan -You know that saying about cats having nine lives? Yeah, well, in Montana, they’ve got a baker’s dozen. There is nothing more to say….it is what it is.

I highly recommend looking up the rest of the states!

Follow up from yesterdays post about Country Living Magazine. My mom gave me a slew of old and new magazines last week. The other night I took a handful into my room and started flipping. I did the same last night and I saw something oddly familiar. The magazine on the left is from September 2012. The magazine on the right is from February 2015. Hmmmmm that’s crazy!

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