Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Midwife vs Doctor

My husband and I have been throwing around the idea of kids. We don’t want to be too old when he have them but we don’t feel ready right now. I, being the one who has to carry the child, am scared to death of the birthing part that comes with this process. I have heard the horror stories of C-sections, epidurals, forceps and tearing. Nothing about that last sentence makes me want to have a baby. I was talking about it with a group of women at work the other day and one of them said she has a lot of midwives in her family. She gave birth at a hospital but with a midwife and the doctor was just there incase anything went wrong. She said something to me that really hit me. She said women are made to have children. Our bodies or engineered to embrace birth. I never thought of it that way. I just thought of it as this terrifying event that I would have to push through someday. I felt more calm and confident about the idea of birth after she said that.
No I am not planning on giving birth Dugger Style in our home. I would like to give birth at a safe hospital environment. However my husband doesn’t do well in hospital type situations so I have very low expectations of him being conscious or in the room when our children are born. The idea of a midwife being there with us/me will be calming to know she has helped hundreds of women in hundreds of ways go through child birth. They are there to coach you through the pain. I’m not against an epidural but I have heard a number of horrific stories about them. I would like to try it naturally I guess. I would obviously take it if the pain was too unbearable for me.
No Mom I am not pregnant! We have a baby date in mind so don’t worry it’ll happen eventually! I want to be prepared on the day Eric and I start to expand our family. I don’t want to get pregnant and then look at each other and say now what?! I want to be knowledgeable on a topic that involves not just my health and body but also my life being completely changed.
If you have any stories or input about midwives vs doctors I would love to hear about them. The more research and facts I have to prepare myself the better!
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  1. I love this, Julie! And my hat is off to you for being proactive.. I wish I would have been. Rob was a champ with our first delivery.. What I imagine a midwife would be. I was also, scared to death of the birthing process.. So scared I missed out on the enjoyment and excitement of being pregnant. I didn't have a midwife with either pregnancy and had an epidural with both.. Almost missed my window for one with Lexi. �� The only advice I can give, is remember each pregnancy/delivery is different.. It's a good idea to have some ideas of how you..'hope' it'll go but don't be set, because it rarely goes how you want.. But as your friend at work said, women's bodies were meant for carrying children.. It's so true. With our first, something came over me and just took control.. got me through it. Your body knows what to do. Trust it. :)

    1. That is so true about no two births are the same! Thanks for the great advice!!