Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Magazine Flipping

While watching Pretty Little Liars (one more episode till we find out who A is!!!) I decided to flip through some magazines. I have not been keeping up on my magazine subscriptions so now I have started flipping through them on commercial breaks! I’m not really helping my March goals with watching less TV but I have been making more labor intensive dinners which does keep me from watching TV! PS is Moose not the cutest little thing when he sleeps!?
Anyways, I was flipping through an old Country Living Magazine and found the cutest and coziest little cabin! The Dining Room was very simple and elegant. It had benches on either side to allow more room for seating. It had a table cloth which is a lost elegant touch. I think that table clothes should be brought back. I feel like now a day’s Dining Rooms are more about the table runner or the rug or the lighting when really it should be focused on the place settings (which people don’t do anymore either) and the presence of the meal at the table.
The Cottage also had a tiny, but efficient, Kitchen. I love the quote in the corner that says “ we put our walls to work.” As they should work! I wish I could put storage on every wall in my house.
Finally the Family/Living Room. I think this room is so incredibly cozy. I love the fact that they have a loft. I love the exposed beams and I love the color contrast of the wood against the white walls. Not to mention you could probably fit 10 people on that couch comfortably. I love the big windows that allow lot of natural light in.
Now on to the serious $$$$ magazine. In my hometown, one of our malls has a Restoration Hardware but I’ve never been in because I always thought it was too expensive…and I was a teenager at the time and had better places to shop!
I was mainly looking at bed frames but I came across this vanity and mirror duo. I love these types of mirrors. When standing at a ‘His and Hers’ type of vanity, I think these mirrors give an individualized feeling. It allows you to focus on you and your task instead of looking in the background at a pile of laundry or shower tile you need to clean. Maybe I’m the only one that is constantly thinking of other things while doing just one such as brushing my teeth. Anyways, I love these mirrors!
I found these two headboards as well. I have been playing with the idea of a fabric headboard for a while because I think it’s more elegant. We currently have a wood frame that my husband custom built for us and I love it. However, we have been thinking of getting a King bed for a while now so we would need a new bed frame and headboard anyways. Just throwing ideas around but I definitely like these two ideas! I like the 2nd one best!

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  1. I love tufted headboards! I hope when we get new bedroom furniture that that's what we get!