Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Jamberry Nails

Jamberry Nails are a great product. It allows you to have customized nail art designs that you can do yourself at home. I like to put one Jamberry Nail on my ring finger and then paint the rest of my nails a similar or complimenting color. They take minutes to put on and they are easy to apply. They are $15 for a set of 20. Since I only use one at a time, I am able to use each look several times. Going to the nail salon costs $20-$30 to accomplish this type of design. I can accomplish this design several times for just $15. You can host a party and get your friends involved (also you get a discount) or you can order them straight from their website with no party needed. However this would make a great cocktail party, and I have a great ‘How To Throw A Fabulous Cocktail Party’ post. I’m just saying ladies, shopping, and alcohol go great together! I have attached some of my favorites below.

       https://ae3ea4057f9fbcaadc12-04e3b76f197c540c8f4da25365e380c0.ssl.cf1.rackcdn.com/images/product/Q04wNw==.jpgMint Green Chevron


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