Friday, March 6, 2015

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!! Here are my 5 on Friday. Today I want to share the top five things I want at the moment!

Old Navy Women's The Long Pixie Pants. They are slimming, they are stretchy, they are comfortable and they are cheap! They are originally $36 but they are currently on sale for $27. I might have to go buy either another black pair or the navy pair this weekend. I love these pants.

Cuisinart Cast Iron Stock Pot. I have seen them all over the place but convinced myself I would never use it. I have a few recipes that I’m dying to try out but rather cook them in one of these babies instead of a regular old pan. I have seen them at TJ Maxx and Marshalls for around $70 but I’m looking for around $30-$40. Any suggestions on where I can find one for cheaper?

I want to spend a few hours in Ulta. Looking around, trying things on, reading the labels and figure out some 'how to’s' and not be rushed. I understand that as a single woman with no kids, I have the power to do this but I can never find the time or patience. Every time I get in there I’m either overwhelmed by the amount of products, not the mention how many different brands there are of each product. (I know you be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed but can you ever just be whelmed? I think you can in Europe PLEASE someone name that line from one of my favorite movies. Here’s a guess TTIHAY are the initials and the first word is 10!!)

Image result for ulta

Empire Records. I can’t believe that I don’t own this movie because I know just about every word from it. This movie taught be that you should love who you are. Attempting to be something bigger and different  will only pull out the worst in yourself. I understand we should all strive to be a better version of ourselves however you shouldn’t have to change who you are to achieve that.  Anyways it’s a great movie and I highly recommend it to all parties over the age of 16 (I think I was 13 or 14 when I first saw it but I didn’t understand have the stuff that was going on until I was at least 16 or 17).




Girl Scout Cookies. I ordered three boxes from a guy at work in January. He said they wouldn’t get here till March….ITS MARCH! I have been dreaming of those amazing yummy cookies since January and I have watched tons of others enjoying the Thin Mints (which is the funniest name since they make you fat!), Samoa's and Tagalongs. I know this sounds silly but I want my cookies!



Last night I made Chicken and Potato Chowder from Damn Delicious' recipe. It was so delicious! This is the second recipe of hers I have tried this week and it turned out amazing! Although I accidentally added a tablespoon of Thyme instead of a teaspoon of Thyme(whoops!) but it still turned out great! We had my in-laws over for dinner and we made up a yummy spinach salad and we ate every last bite of the chowder and salad. Maybe everyone was hungry or maybe it was delicious! I highly recommend this recipe! Just be careful how much Thyme you put in it!
Chicken and Potato Chowder - Just like mom's comforting chicken noodle soup, but it's even creamier and loaded with cheesy goodness!
Have a great weekend!


  1. We get our Girl Scout cookies tomorrow! I ordered 4 boxes and wonder if that's enough! I've never heard of Empire Records. I love Ulta and Sephora!! I try to browse beauty blogs before going in but there are just so many options!

    1. Kristen, thanks for the comment! I love to watch the tutorial videos but for some reason when I go to apply the makeup I don't see the resemblance!