Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Where Two People Fell In Love

Pensacola Beach, Florida has so much meaning to me. My husband’s grandmother lives in Pensacola and we visited her quite often in the first few years of our relationship. I told Eric this is the place I truly fell in love with him.

After graduating from college Eric and I took a little road trip to Nashville to visit friends and then went on to Pensacola to visit his grandmother. My husband is an antsy person. He has a hard time keeping secrets (which is one of the things I love about him). So of course I thought when he was going to proposed it would be written all over his face. Shockingly I was wrong and I didn’t see it coming.  We had a lovely lunch that day in Pensacola. We did some shopping and then headed to the beach. I sent a picture of the sunny beach to my family with the caption ‘ Wish you were here!’. My Dad responded with ‘You  have no idea how much I wish I was there’. Thought it was a bit odd but maybe he was having an off day and needed some sunny weather! Finally at the beach, I laid out my towel and got my suntan on! Eric said he was going to go check the water. About 10-15  minutes later he was calling for me to come over and check out the water with him. I was just starting to relax and get comfy and he wants me to get up and check out the cold water?  I told him ‘ No, I’m good here’. Then he said ‘Babe you have to come check out the water, it’s amazing!’ I get up in a huff thinking I’m not getting in that water, when I see it, the words ‘ Will You Marry Me?’ written in the sand. I began hysterically crying and asking if he was joking. He said no he was serious and wanted to marry me. I couldn’t believe Eric was proposing to me on the beach where we feel in love. Of course we started calling people immediately, some two at a time, to tell them the great news! Then I realized why my Dad said ‘You have no idea how much I wish I was there’. Eric said just a few days earlier at my graduation he asked for my Dad’s permission, which I told him was important to me. We went to our favorite restaurant Hemingway’s that night with a few of his family members to celebrate.

I was in shock for the next several weeks that this was happening. 2 months later we were going to Disney and I thought if he was going to propose it would probably happen there so I was completely thrown off by this way, but it made it 100 times more special in Pensacola.

During these snowy days I am dreaming of a sand filled beach with warm weather and a fruity cocktail in hand. I am excited that we have plans to return to Pensacola this year! I can taste the Bushwacker already!

Hindsight is on tonight at 10! Get your 90’s on!

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