Friday, February 20, 2015

Movie Review

I recently rented the following movies and I thought I would share my review with you.

This Is Where I Leave You
The plot of ‘This Is Where I Leave You’ describes a family whose father passes away, and the four grown siblings return to honor his last wish of Shiva (gathering following the burial that lasts for seven days, allows the family to mourn the deceased). This amazingly talented cast made a movie about a funeral hilarious. It goes through all of their dysfunctional relationships with each other and their spouses. Their mother is a psychiatrist who is an open  book when it comes to her life and her children’s. Nothing is off limits with this family.  Although it sounds like a lot of misfortune and heartache, it also shows a great support system that one should always have with their family no matter what. This movie is not slap stick and its doesn’t give away the humor. It makes you think about the relationships and the one liners to find the humor. I think this type of comedy is great for the mind and soul.  I recommend this movie for a great Friday night in.
Sex Tape
This movie has the obvious humor. You can see it on the screen and feel it in the conversations. I truly feel like some movies could be silent films and you would still see the humor. The plot is about two people who fell in love in college and had an active sex life. After they have kids their sex life is nonexistent. Cameron Diaz’s character suggests to film themselves performing all sexual acts from a book. They film this event on the husbands iPad. Jason Segal’s character has a history of purchasing new iPad’s often. Instead of selling the old one’s he gives them to people he knows as a gift (the mail man, his mother in law, their friends, his wife’s boss). When he sync’s his iPad to the home computer he synced all the previous devices he’s had also. They go around all night trying to retrieve all his previous iPad’s and wipe the video from it.  Although I feel the movie was a lengthy, I thought it had a good overall idea. I recommend this for a date night or a laugh with friends.
  Have a great weekend!!

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