Tuesday, February 24, 2015

No Cookie Cutter Home for Me

I believe that each home should be unique. I know the term cookie cutter has become very popular and I want my home to be anything but cookie cutter. I wanted to share a few things that my husband and I are planning to build in our home to help make it more special. This year we are planning to build a deck off the side of our house. Our backyard has two steep hills that go down to our walk out basement. I was thinking that we should take advantage of that steep hill and put in a slide. Since we don’t have kids yet, I know our dog as well as our nieces and nephews when they comes to visit would love it! Also I’m sure my husband and I will love to go down it every once and a while!
Another feature I would love to add to our home are built in bunk beds. I had a friend in high school whose bed was built into the wall like its own little cubby and I loved it! This will be great for our kids, out nieces and nephews, or even when we have large groups of people come to stay.
Each home should have its own style. I want our house to show that it’s functional, classy, energetic and diverse all rolled into one. I’m not a big fan of the word no so if I want to build it, customize it or leave it alone, I try to find a way to get it done exactly how I want it.

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