Thursday, February 12, 2015

Disney Chronicles

I decided to do a Disney Chronicles today. Eric and I have been to Disney 5 times together now and I love going back each and every time. Eric’s Family goes every 3 years. Eric and I went in 2009 and 2010 for spring break. Crazy to see how we’ve grown since our first trip together
First Trip 2008
Spring Break 2009
Spring Break 2010
Family Trip 2011
Family Trip 2014
Disney is one of my favorite places to vacation.  We actually went to Hawaii for our honeymoon and stayed at the Aulani Resort which is owned by Disney. It was gorgeous! Amazing weather, great food and it was clean and fresh just like Disney World.
Our last trip to Disney was a blast! On the plane ride down, we were lucky enough to have TV’s in all of the headrests. I watched Mary Poppins on the way there to get me in the Disney spirit!
There is a new excursion at downtown Disney that we were all excited to try called Splitsville. It’s a two story bowling alley that is awesome. You can order amazing gormet food, they have the pop machines that allow you to choose from hundreds of different kinds of pop and they have bowling which our family enjoys doing together! My husband tried to keep it real serious because he is on a bowling league, however my score was higher at the end of the game! J
I love going on all of the rides. The all time classic ‘Tower of Terror’ is my father in law’s favorite ride and my husband’s least favorite (hence why he’s not in the picture). We enjoy the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin, Splash Mountain and our all time favorite ride is the Toy Story Mania at Hollywood Studios. We could ride that one a million times over and over again.
While we were there it rained a lot. We don’t usually prepare for much rain. However when you don’t prepare for rain you end up wherein you mother’s rain coat and borrowing your mother in laws Mickey poncho. These two goons ran down to the game room to rent us some movies looking like this!
The two foods I love to eat at Disney are a Mickey pretzel and a dole whip. My husband and I had a dole whip everyday in Hawaii because the Dole Pineapple Plantation was on the island we stayed on and also because we couldn’t resist.
Disney World is even better as an adult. You don’t have to take a nap, but you can if you want to! You have money to spend on anything you want like dole whips and pretzels. You can drink awesome cocktails while there and believe me they are awesome! Also if you go as an adult (without kids) you don’t need to worry about the stroller and the snack bag and the diaper bag and the toys and the blah blah blah blah blah….sorry can you tell we’re not ready for kids yet?! Hahahah
 Anyways I advice anyone and everyone to go to Disney World, with or without kids and enjoy the magical world that Walt Disney made so he had a place to take his children on a Saturday!

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  1. Love your blogs! Excited you guys got to try the houseboat vacation and are going again, they are fun! The Disney rain coat picture made me laugh... cute :-)