Wednesday, February 11, 2015

House Boat Trip


100 days until the 2nd Annual House Boat Trip! I suggest everyone to go on a house boat trip at least once in their life. We took a group of 12(6 couples) on the boat last year and we are taking the same group again this year.  Everyone got their own room and we shared two full baths. I can’t believe I am going to admit it but one of the BOYS organized this trip. The one with the goofy captains hat is the genius we all had to thank! We were on Barkley Lake in Kentucky and we loved it. The water was warm enough to jump in but cold enough to cool yourself off from the hot hot sun. The boat was 84’ long by 18’ wide.


The upper deck had a slide, a hot tub, lounge chairs, enough room for the boys to play Baggo and a table and chair set. This is where we spent most of our time. The other part was spent in the water. We all brought floaters or inner tubes to float around on. The boys took them out one of the rainy days and had a fishing tournament. The girls stayed inside and played ‘Pitch Perfect Drinking Game’. I believe the rules were….

-Drink when someone sings

-Drink when an ‘aca’ word is said

-Drink when you see a magic trick

-Drink when Lilly mumbles something

-Drink when someone says Fat Amy

-Drink when Stacy acts slutty

-Drink when someone says Bella…..just to name a few. Pitch perfect is an amazing movie and I urge everyone to see it before the sequel comes on May 15, 2015!!! Which is my husband’s birthday and he already knows we are going to see it! We also played catch phrase and Mad Gab and this year we are going to play the Whisper game. If you haven’t heard of this game please watch Jenna Marbles and her boyfriend play it on YouTube. It’s amazing!


We shared food responsibilities. Every couple had two meals. My husband and I had a breakfast and the first night’s dinner. We made chicken kabobs and corn on the cob. Simple to assemble and easy to make in large quantities. We prepared yogurt parfaits for breakfast with fruit, granola and bagels in case you didn’t want a parfait.  You had to bring your own beverages and snacks but other than that you were taken care of by the others. It also forced you to try new things.

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