Monday, February 16, 2015

Birthday Tent

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! I spent Valentine’s Day with my in-laws driving in a blizzard to Grand Rapids to pick my husband up from the airport. I am glad they drove with me because it was a complete white out. They ended up closing parts of the high way on our way home because it was so bad out. Luckily his flight made it in on time and he was safe. Not only was a stressing about his flight but I was also stressed about our travels. We all made it safe and went out to dinner at Carrabba’s. It’s similar to an Olive Garden but I think it’s a bit more upscale. Also I recommend everything to sit at the bar/counter near where they cook the food. They give you samples of things they are making through out the night and you get to see how amazing it is to watch them make the food. They are so fast and precise at what they are doing.

I think for a child’s first birthday it should be something they can play with for the next few years. For my Niece’s first birthday we decided to build her a reading tent! When my sister and I were kids we were always building forts and playing in tents. I thought this would be a gift that both my niece and nephew would benefit from. When giving someone a larger present such as a table or a tent it’s best to talk it over with the parent of the child so that they are aware a large piece is coming into their home. We used this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess to create our tent. I love the way it turned out and I know the kids play in it all the time!

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