Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sisterly Love

This past weekend, as we all know, was mothers day. For me it consisted of a lot of shopping, family time and presents! My last post I shared the picture of the Thumb Print Family Tree which my Mom loved! I will tell you it was a task trying to get my dogs one paw print on the clean white paper. I was covered in green ink afterword's. !

I was so excited to give my sister her present because I knew she would love it! My sister is an amazing photographer! Her focus is on children and family shoots mostly. I found these things called camera buddies online and I knew my Aunt could make them very easily. I think they all came out adorably and my sister loooves them! Best sister of the year award goes to me :)
Also this past week I went to my nephews soccer game. He is 3 so they need a little help from the parents to guide them down the field, but its all about the fun they are have trying. It took me back to all of my soccer playing days! I think it's funny that my sister is the Coach's Wife! Ms. Katie Joy also enjoyed her brothers soccer game, she had a few outfit changes during it but still fabulously cute as always!

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