Friday, May 16, 2014

Mystery Dinner 2

When I was a kid my mom threw me a mystery dinner. The idea behind a mystery dinner is ordering off of a menu that makes no sense. For example, my husband is a huge fisherman. So I decided to make the dinner themed around that. 
This menu of course makes no sense of what you are ordering. Below I have added the decoder. 
                  1.) Trolling Motor—Cup of Veggies
2.) No Wake Zone—Cup of Pico De Gallo and Chips
3.) Live Bait---mozzarella, Basil and Tomato's Bites
4.) Fishing Pole-Fork
5.) Angler-Beer
6.)  Net-Napkin
7.)  Fish On-Chicken and Steak Kabob
8.)  Anchor-Corn on the Cob
9.) Down Rigger-Knife
10.) Boat -Brownie
11.)Lake Michigan-Cup of Ice Cream

12.) Marina-Spoon
On the first course my husband ordered a Lake Michigan, a Down Rigger and a Boat. The best part about his first course was earlier in the day he told me he wanted to take out the desserts because he doesn't want to end up with those first. When he put in his order I could not stop laughing! He ordered a Cup of Ice Cream, a knife and a brownie! His second course was a cup of veggies, a spoon and a piece of corn.

To do along with the fishing theme, my mother in law got him new fishing rods! He was sooo excited!

We had a total of 6 people and I think it helped being a small group. If you are doing the running yourself I suggest to keep it to a small number because I was up and down all through the dinner. I also suggest making everything ahead of time. We made the chicken and steak kabobs and the corn the day off, but everything else we assembled and make the night before. 

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