Friday, May 9, 2014

Mystery Dinner

This year I decided that I was going to host a little get together for my husband's birthday. He is turning a whopping 27 and I thought it would be appropriate to recreate a birthday that I had when I was about 7.

First you make a menu of what you plan to serve. I decided to go with a fisherman theme because my husband is a HUGE fisherman! The idea behind a mystery dinner is you don't know what you are ordering. You may order a roll, a spoon and a meatball on your first course. Your second course you might order a fork, a napkin and a dessert. That is how the fun is brought to see what everyone ordered. The menu items are disguised with names that follow a them, or names that are an interpretation of the item.

Once I created the menu and the items "code names" I tried to make it look a little bit prettier because it's all about presentation! My husband is very into Guy Harvey fishing shirts so I tried to recreate the font from the logo onto the font on the menu.
You must have your guest put their name at the top so you know who ordered what. Also have your guests cross out the item once they have ordered it so they can get a new item each time. I will post pictures of the food and the rest of the party when I can. 

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