Friday, May 16, 2014

Mystery Dinner 2

When I was a kid my mom threw me a mystery dinner. The idea behind a mystery dinner is ordering off of a menu that makes no sense. For example, my husband is a huge fisherman. So I decided to make the dinner themed around that. 
This menu of course makes no sense of what you are ordering. Below I have added the decoder. 
                  1.) Trolling Motor—Cup of Veggies
2.) No Wake Zone—Cup of Pico De Gallo and Chips
3.) Live Bait---mozzarella, Basil and Tomato's Bites
4.) Fishing Pole-Fork
5.) Angler-Beer
6.)  Net-Napkin
7.)  Fish On-Chicken and Steak Kabob
8.)  Anchor-Corn on the Cob
9.) Down Rigger-Knife
10.) Boat -Brownie
11.)Lake Michigan-Cup of Ice Cream

12.) Marina-Spoon
On the first course my husband ordered a Lake Michigan, a Down Rigger and a Boat. The best part about his first course was earlier in the day he told me he wanted to take out the desserts because he doesn't want to end up with those first. When he put in his order I could not stop laughing! He ordered a Cup of Ice Cream, a knife and a brownie! His second course was a cup of veggies, a spoon and a piece of corn.

To do along with the fishing theme, my mother in law got him new fishing rods! He was sooo excited!

We had a total of 6 people and I think it helped being a small group. If you are doing the running yourself I suggest to keep it to a small number because I was up and down all through the dinner. I also suggest making everything ahead of time. We made the chicken and steak kabobs and the corn the day off, but everything else we assembled and make the night before. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sisterly Love

This past weekend, as we all know, was mothers day. For me it consisted of a lot of shopping, family time and presents! My last post I shared the picture of the Thumb Print Family Tree which my Mom loved! I will tell you it was a task trying to get my dogs one paw print on the clean white paper. I was covered in green ink afterword's. !

I was so excited to give my sister her present because I knew she would love it! My sister is an amazing photographer! Her focus is on children and family shoots mostly. I found these things called camera buddies online and I knew my Aunt could make them very easily. I think they all came out adorably and my sister loooves them! Best sister of the year award goes to me :)
Also this past week I went to my nephews soccer game. He is 3 so they need a little help from the parents to guide them down the field, but its all about the fun they are have trying. It took me back to all of my soccer playing days! I think it's funny that my sister is the Coach's Wife! Ms. Katie Joy also enjoyed her brothers soccer game, she had a few outfit changes during it but still fabulously cute as always!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Mothers Day Gift

Mother's day is right around the corner. Now that my sister has two children each mothers day gets more and more challenging because she can give our Mom anything with her kids face on it and its amazing. I know my mom would love a coffee mug or calendar filled with my dogs face just as much as I would except I don't think it's going to mean quiet as much to her as it would me...hint hint husband!

Sometimes our Dad will chime in with an idea that he would like to give her. This year he said he saw some project on Property Brothers of all the kids putting their hand prints in a frame and then putting them on the wall. There are 6 adults, 2 kids and a dog, I don't think that the idea of our hand prints in a frame is going to be an appropriate gift. However I remember being something called a thumb-print family tree. I have also seen this be done as peoples guest books for weddings and other events. So I thought this would cut down on the size of 8 peoples hand prints and just take their finger print. This way we can always add if more grand kids comes along. I looked at quiet a few trees because if you don't have a large family you don't want to find a large tree. It will look like a very bare tree if you do. I sent this to my sister early to start getting her kids finger prints first because I know this could be a difficult task. I also sent her a 2nd image of the tree with finger print placements.

To all you mothers out there, Happy Mother's Day! 

Should Have Been a Party Planner

I love planning parties. I love making decorations. And I love when people have a great time at a place you created. Aside from throwing a small party for my husband, I wanted to go a little bit bigger for my sister's 30th birthday this July. I am just in the vision board stages of this project but I think its coming together fabulously. People think that in order to have a party its going to cost a lot of money. When really most of us already have the best essentials for a party and they are free! Here is what I'm thinking....