Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Bathroom Has Come a Long Ways

My husband and I decided the bathroom would be the first thing we would tackle before we moved in. Of course that did not end up being the case. Our house has been in demo mode for most of January.

Our bathrooms share a wall, and as we were knocking down the old drywall I came across a razor blade. I thought that was odd, then the more I was pulling down the more and more razor blades there were! The medicine cabinet in the half bath has a slit in the back where, back in the day the men would shave with a razor blade then dispose of the razor in the slit with connected to the dry wall. So over the past 50 years the razor blades would just pile up in the wall. They never expected to take the wall down of course. It was just an interesting feature about the era we found hysterical!

Our house has 1 full and 1 half bath. Both are quiet large for the house being built in the 60's. We knew we were going to have to do something about the bath tub because it was pink, solid iron, and starting to rust. If we painted it, the rust might come back or chip. So we decided to take the tub out. Shortly after the toilet, sink and walls went out to the dump with the tub! We took the bathroom down to the studs! Putting in fresh dry wall, floors, cabinets and tub make it feel fresh and clean.

We then decide to change the layout of the bathroom to give us more room. We moved the toilet to allow more room in front of the shower. We had a plumber come in and do this for us because if you only knew half of what your doing in plumbing...you know nothing about plumbing.

My husband made our cabinets at work which helped us to cut down on costs. We used a natural looking stone for the floors and tiled the shower surround. We are slowing put the finishing touches on the full bath and I cant wait to take my first bath in that brand new tub!

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