Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Plywood vs. Laminate

My husband said we were going to get plywood to put on top of our cabinets for temporary counter tops. Once we got to the store, we realized that it was cheaper to get pre-finished laminate. We paid $80 for 40 square foot of laminate and I think it looks a lot better than ply wood would have. Always be looking for other options. You might be surprised at the outcome. This is also a great way to see if you want dark counter tops or lighter. The one we choose was in the middle, but I am still really happy with the way it matches our floors.

Our First Night

We have finally moved in! Now it really feels like our home! We still have a long ways to go with unpacking and finishing touches but this is the good part.  Of course we have had a fire going ever since we moved in. I think that is one of the main reasons my husband bought the house. Waking up in this home is one of the best feelings. Knowing I don't have to rush over to the new house then back to the old is amazing. We appreciate all the help and support everyone has provided us and we cant wait to have everyone over for a house warming party. That will be one of many parties to be had in the new and improved Leatherberry House!

The Bathroom Has Come a Long Ways

My husband and I decided the bathroom would be the first thing we would tackle before we moved in. Of course that did not end up being the case. Our house has been in demo mode for most of January.

Our bathrooms share a wall, and as we were knocking down the old drywall I came across a razor blade. I thought that was odd, then the more I was pulling down the more and more razor blades there were! The medicine cabinet in the half bath has a slit in the back where, back in the day the men would shave with a razor blade then dispose of the razor in the slit with connected to the dry wall. So over the past 50 years the razor blades would just pile up in the wall. They never expected to take the wall down of course. It was just an interesting feature about the era we found hysterical!

Our house has 1 full and 1 half bath. Both are quiet large for the house being built in the 60's. We knew we were going to have to do something about the bath tub because it was pink, solid iron, and starting to rust. If we painted it, the rust might come back or chip. So we decided to take the tub out. Shortly after the toilet, sink and walls went out to the dump with the tub! We took the bathroom down to the studs! Putting in fresh dry wall, floors, cabinets and tub make it feel fresh and clean.

We then decide to change the layout of the bathroom to give us more room. We moved the toilet to allow more room in front of the shower. We had a plumber come in and do this for us because if you only knew half of what your doing in plumbing...you know nothing about plumbing.

My husband made our cabinets at work which helped us to cut down on costs. We used a natural looking stone for the floors and tiled the shower surround. We are slowing put the finishing touches on the full bath and I cant wait to take my first bath in that brand new tub!

Artwork Inspiration

It's important to have things in your home that inspire you. There are hundreds of things in this world that inspire people everyday. For some it's a quote, for some it's a picture and for someone it's the person you share your home with.  Its all of the above for me.

I love the show 'Sex and The City' and I loved both movies. One line from the first movie that my husband and I thought was memorable was the quote "Ever thine. Ever mine. Ever Ours." I decided to print these words out in three parts and frame them to put in our bedroom. Looking at these words every day will remind us not only of one of my favorite movies but also to say you are forever in my heart, I am forever in yours, and we are forever one.

My husband is an avide hunter who loves to have the rustic outdoors surrounding him. I told him we bought 14 acres for the outdoors to surround you and inside our home we need to make it a little more cozy than trophy kills everywhere. This picture I found on online and fell in love with it right away. This is a way to bring his outdoor sport of hunting into our home in what I think is a classy way. I love the colors that

What inspires you in your home?